Monday, December 3, 2012

The Mermail Tail : not complete without an ACTUAL tail piece

Really what we have all been referring to as the Mermaid tail, is actually the Mermaid body, and what is a Mermaid body without a Mermaid tail???

The next part of this project really pushed the creative part of my brain.  How to turn a piece of very lovely tissue lame into something that resembled a fish tail...

Firstly I looked around the internet for some inspiration in regards to shape.  What on earth did we do before Google???  I found this:

Please excuse the watermark - I couldn't find it without...
There were several things I loved about this tail shape... the 'fin' lines which run from top to bottom, the curve, and the fatter bit in the middle which is an extension of the body.  So I set about recreating that!

First I drew up a pattern on some tracing tissue.  I really just guessed as to size... but to check it I laid it on the floor with the tail body and it looked like it would work.  I cut two pieces out of my tissue lame, making sure to add an approximate seam allowance - who needs to measure!!!

Then I cut out two pieces of wadding the same size as the pattern piece, the idea being to stuff the two layers into the tail to give it body.

Then I had to deal with the fin lines.  This was really REALLY nerve wracking, and I prayed every time I put the presser foot down that each line of stiches would be ok, cause unpicking it would ruin the fabric and I'd have to start again (and buy more fabric, because I'd run out...)

The pins marked the starting points for my fin lines
At the half way point (ie. with one side stitched)  I was so excited I text Miss Sasha from Sherbet Birdie to tell her how amazing it was looking!

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!

All this did was make the second side so much harder to sew.  I knew it was looking amazing and the more lines I sewed, the more I had on the line if I failed...  You have no idea how tense I was by the time I put the last line in!!!

To finish it off I grabbed some stuffing I had from making alphabet pillows with my step-daughter, and stuffed the centre bit.

And it was finished and I was so ASTONISHED at how well it had turned out that I had to have a good sit down and a cup of celebratory tea before I continued on.

The next day I helped out at Sherbet Birdie's Hair and Makeup Workshop (for photos click here) and I took the tail to show Miss Sasha.  She was out of her skin with excitement when I laid it on the floor and pinned it together!  Here's a photo she took of me working on the tail:

How cute that I wore a dress that matched the tail!

I'm so excited to see the finished product, and I can't wait to share it with you!



  1. Oh my goodness!!! Its turning out amazing! My goodness mama you are so truly talented!!! xox

    1. Thank you Bunny :) I must admit that I felt pretty talented when I looked at the finished tail. It kind of blew me away how well it came out. I was very pleased with myself!!!

  2. It's amazing!! I just love how it turned out! Just curious, is the fin going to be sequined?

    1. Thank you Sean! I love it too!!

      And no, it won't be sequinned. The sequins represent fish scales in my mind, so therefore they wouldn't be on the tail piece. I toyed with putting some shiny crystals on it or something, but really I think its just perfect the way it is!

  3. Of COURSE you matched the tail :-) I would expect no less from you :-D

    1. hahahaha! It looks exactly like I hoped it would :) Thanks for your support :D