Monday, December 10, 2012

So many CHERRIES!!!!

Recently a friend of mine, Renee (who is the talented lady behind Lucy Luxxe), posted a photo on Facebook of a vintage chapeau that she had purchased on Etsy.  A beautiful confection with pink and cream flowers, and leaves, and cherries!

Isn't it gorgeous!

I happened to comment that I have the perfect fabric in my stash to accompany the chapeau, and before I knew it I was making a circle skirt for her!

See - perfect!!!

Now, believe it or not, but I don't own a circle skirt pattern...  Never fear - Etsy to the rescue!!!

And happily its the correct size for me - about time!

So this is a full circle cut into four quarters, with a simple waistband.  The back of the envelope said I'd need 3 5/8 yards of fabric, and I had 3 metres... I thought it'd be pretty close, but I'd get away with it.  And I did, but not by much!

This is how much I almost didn't make it by!  Close call!!

The skirt was a really really easy sew - something you could totally make up and wear in an afternoon... apart from the fact that you need to let it hang for at least 24 hours before you hem it.  You see, because of the huge size of the pieces, some of it is cut on the bias, and the fabric stretches when gravity gets a hold of it.  If I was to hem it immediately and then hang  it in my wardrobe for a week, the hem would be all over the place!  You have to let the fabric stretch out where it wants to first.

After she knew she was going to have a totally awesome matchy-matchy outfit, Renee did exactly what I would do if I was her, and made a matchy-matchy Lucy Luxxe necklace!
Well I do do that, I just get her to make it for me!

So finally, here is Renee in her wonderfully matchy-matchy outfit, looking gorgeous!
The perfect matchy-matchy outfit!

I must say that there is only one problem with a full circle skirt...
The wind tends to get a hold of them REALLY EASILY! 

Renee has a menagerie on her property.  Meet her pony, Wizzy
Wizzy thinks he's a dog, and doesn't mind wearing hats 

I just love it when things come together and you can do something for a friend!  If you haven't already you should all go and check out Renee's Lucy Luxxe Facebook page and have a look at all the gorgeous things she makes.



  1. Huh, I didn't know that about sewing and fabric. Thanks for that tidbit. I'll be sure to try that.

    The Fictionista

  2. You mean about it hanging and stretching on the bias Sean? Yep - its true! I have a vintage dress in a brocade fabric and its very heavy, and the hem is so all over the place I'm considering re-hemming it.

  3. beautiful . and that girl has got some hair! what a beautiful mane!