Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Outfit No. 3 - The Jolly Santa Circle Skirt

If you haven't already worked it out I just LOVE Santa Clause!  So when I found this fabric, I bought it without a second though - even though there was only 70 inches or 1.5 metres of it, which isn't really enough to do anything...

But then I thought about it for a bit and worked out what I could do!

I grabbed out this pattern:

Its for a 10 gore circle skirt, which obviously I don't have enough fabric for, so I also grabbed out some red fabric and some ric rac...

Anyone know where I'm going here?

I traced the pattern piece and made some adjustments and then created this:

This is one of the 10 gores.  I ran ric rac down either side of the santa panel, like this:

I could have skipped that step, but I like details.

I had hoped to get each gore with a Santa on it... but I only had enough fabric for 6 gores, but I had 10... so I decided just to do 5 with Santa's and 5 without.  Thats the thing with vintage fabric, I can't just go down the street and get more!

I also ran a strip of the vintage fabric around the centre of the waistband, for no other reason than because I could.

The finished skirt looks like this!

I have paired it with an off the shoulder 'Bettie Page' brand top I have, and some lovely red shoes.  And this skirt is so huge that I wear TWO petticoats underneath it!

I am going shopping tonight to do all my Christmas shopping, and I'm going to have my photo taken with Santa while I'm there - and I thought this outfit would be PERFECT!!!  Check my Facebook page for updates on that bit of festive silliness!

And here is another picture of Stella, this time wearing her Christmas tshirt.  Its from a couple of weeks ago, before she had her hair cut:

The skirt is not as adorable as yesterday's outfit, but still over-the-top festive.  Don't you agree?



  1. Oh, that's so cute!! And your doggie's little outfit is darling.

    The Fictionista

  2. That skirt is so fun! How can someone NOT be in the holiday spirit after seeing that outfit! Thank you so much for sharing your X-mas dresses. I so look forward to your beautiful creations!

    1. Thats what I think Jessica! Dressing for Christmas is so much fun!!

  3. well to say it's not as adorable as yesterday's...i dont know - they are both full of awesome! love love love it!