Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frocktober : The Final Week!

Well I have really enjoyed this month of exploring my wardrobe!  I'm actually amazed by how much brain power it took up - I really haven't blogged about anything much at all.  I'm so sorry about that and I assure you that things will be different in November!  I have some wonderful dresses planned - some for me, and some for others - that I'm sure will keep you all entertained!

But lets wrap things up for the last week of Frocktober - and don't forget, you can still donate here.


Today I decided to get out the cherries - cherries in my hair, cherries on my skirt and cherries on my shoes!!!

Top: Alannah Hill cardigan - sadly this style is no longer available
but she has so many other goodies!
Skirt: made by me - you can read about it here
Belt: Came with one of my Pinup Girl Clothing dresses
Hair Cherries: Made by Mira-Mae at Berry Bombshell
Bangles: vintage lucite purchased from Etsy
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Sadly these are also discontinued, but do come up for sale second
hand every now and again, and that's how I got mine.


After yesterday's cherrylicious outfit (that some people mistook for christmas) I decided to go monochromatic!  Well, apart for my hair...

Top: PUG Vamp Top - only available in their store or online
Skirt: PUG Jenny skirt in black and white stripes
purchased at Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: PUG Bettie shoes in black satin
purchased from That Shop
Hair Roses: Miz Smitten Kitten
Bangles: vintage lucite purchased on etsy


I think I saved one of my prettiest dresses for almost last!  I purchased this vintage shirtwaister dress on my LA shopping trip in April.  It was dead-stock with the original tags still attached.  It has the prettiest embroidery on the bodice in green, yellow and coral.  I just adore it!

Dress: Vintage shirtwaister purchased on my LA Trip
Shoes: Adorable wedges purchased in LA in some shop for $10
(and who can say no to a bargain like that!!!!)
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy


The moment you've all been waiting for - the final day!  My aim during the whole month was to raise $1,000 for ovarian cancer research, and to help people part with their hard earned dollars I offered to publicly humiliate myself by wearing a 1950s vintage ball gown to work on the 31st and do everything that I normally do in a day.

And it worked - I met (well, exceeded really) my target, and this is the result:

Here is me, dressed in my vintage 1950s Emma Domb ball gown, complete with petticoats (plural) (one of which is not sitting right hence the fall in the gown at mid-calf) vintage gloves, vintage earrings, and a vintage sequined head piece.

Fitting all of this in the car was quite entertaining...

As you can see, there is no way I could drive in this.  Thankfully, my mum (who has been my photographer alllllll this month) was able to drive me to work.  I sat in her car, we squished all the dress in and I held it while she closed the door.  Then it was off to the post office!

This is quite a narrow space, and I took up all of it.  I offered to let a nice older man out before I came in but he was happy to wait while I got my mail.  And of course I had something to collect, so I had to join the queue inside:

Thank fully the queue (which can sometimes be out the door) moved quickly and I was at the front in no time!

Where the ladies confessed to me that there was no parcel for me to pick-up, they just wanted to make sure that I came in to visit, so they could see my outfit (they all donated you see).  So I folded myself back into the car and it was off to the office.

Where I attempted to do some work for a little while, but then the local newspaper arrived.  They wanted to do an interview and take some photos for an article!  So off I went out into the street with them.

And that's my day so far.  I don't think that will be all that I will get up to in my ball gown today - no doubt there will be more pictures that I will post to my facebook page tomorrow.

I just want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the people who donated to this very worthy cause:

Jeff Garry, Mark Gilmour, Belinda and Adam Scorgie, Craig Anderson, Jenni Porter, Emma @ Miskonduct, Steve and Sandie Reynolds, Pam and Forde Leathley, Amanda Wyeth, Kate Roberts, Jonathan and Karina Scorgie, Nigel, Amanda Naylor, Janis, Jen Lawrence, Shelley Minson, Vaeda, Lucy Topp, Angela Wicentowich, Emma-Jane, Shelly from the Post Office, Cheech Sanchez, Sharon Troy, Tanya Janush, Katie Ferguson, Nick Dowman, Stephanie Graham, Maria O'Sullivan, VickieO, Johanna Taggart, Kim, Doris Button, and Joleen.

All this looking at my wardrobe has raised some questions from you as to how I store everything... so I thought I'd do a post next week about that, and I have a guest post for you all (they approached me!) and then its BACK TO THE SEWING!!!

Thanks for your patience, I really hope you've enjoyed Frocktober.



  1. SO MUCH FUN!!! I think I may need to find a nice day to wander around in a ball gown.

  2. Fantastic and well done on raising so much money.

  3. i have been woefully behind in all the blogs i read, in my mail, in ravelry in everything :P
    i kept meaning to donate through your link but never got around to it and honestly i missed your dare somehow lol.
    so i'm so glad to see you met your goal ! and so glad you shared your ballgown antics. so fun. i have enjoyed seeing your monthlong challenge and am amzed at your style and panache.
    i just love that your post office has candy up front and that they stick little slips in your box jsut to see you lol! awesome posites ;D your post made me smile! you looked so lovely every day.