Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I miss Frocktober!

So I thought I'd do one more post about it, have a look at what got the most likes, and give you a look inside my wardrobe (be prepared to be surprised!)

If you want to refresh yourself with all that I wore, you can visit my donation page here, where I uploaded a photo from each day (sometimes two!).

But now for the most popular outfits!

The most popular outfit on Instagram was this one:

This is the one I wore on Day 2 to a fashion exhibition, and while its an amazing vintage dress from the 1940s, I'm surprised it got the most likes (36!) when the next most likes was 30 (Days 4 and 8).

The most popular outfit on Facebook was this one:

No surprises there I suppose!  This outfit got 35 likes, with the next favourite one getting 25 likes (Day 18)

All up I wore 9 vintage dresses, 7 self sewn dresses, and 17 reproduction dresses.  Those amongst you good at maths will realise that this adds up 33!  That's because there were two days where I wore two outfits!

And in blogging about Frocktober I had a few questions asking how I store things, and saying that my wardrobe must be huge etc etc.  And while I wish my wardrobe looked like this:

In reality it looks like this:

Yep, all smooshed in to a too small cupboard, with my colourful plastic shoes on the floor.  Granted I do have another wardrobe space in my sewing room for my coats and vintage gowns.

They are smooshed in too, along with my petticoats and other random crap.

Much better treatment is reserved for my shoes and handbags, which are all nicely on display:

At least this way I remember what I have and don't buy duplicates
(don't laugh, I've done it before!) 

 Some of my more special or rarely worn shoes are kept in their boxes.

But, cutely, my husband let me keep ALLL the shoe boxes, in case we have to move... and I just put my handbags in front of them.

People also wondered how I stored my bangles and things... well, its not the prettiest, but I store them like this:

My bangles all live in this plastic container.  I'm working on a better way but haven't finished it quite yet... and least in the mean time they are easy to get to!

My hair accessories are in another plastic container

And my Lucy Luxxe pretties are in a glass candy jar.  Kind of fitting really!!!

So there you go!  Less glamorous that you thought I bet!

So in a final goodbye to Frocktober, I was also featured in today's local paper!

To read the article click HERE

In the last couple of weeks I have been doing some sewing - mostly commissions for others - but they have been fun, so I'm going to show them to you later in the week.

In closing, did you have a favourite outfit from Frocktober???



  1. Beccie, I'm so happy you're space for clothes is as limited as mine. I'm happy I can store my shoes in the cellar, with my husband's, and he is very understanding when i comes to shoes. (Italian.)
    There are so many dresses outfits I liked... Where shall I start?
    Day 2 is a great dress, love the design and the fabric.
    Day 5: wonderful print, and it was made by you, so some extra points!
    Day 6: Needless to say, this dress is outstanding in every way and suits you so nice!
    Day 11: I have a weakness for cherry prints, so this skirt really makes me swoon...
    Day 13: the tropical sarong dress is stunning! Even more as you made it yourself! I envy you for this dress...
    Day 14 is gorgeous, I love hydrangeas almost as much as roses...
    Day 21 makes me jealous - would love to have that flamingo fabric!
    Day 24 definitely proofs that green and blue are a great combination!

    But one of the pictures I loved most is day 22 - your dress is so special, a real treasure, and your hair is done beautifully.

    Well done, Beccie!

    1. Thank you so much Doris, and thank you for your support. My husband loves shoes too so that helps when you have a collection like I do!

  2. where to start? post packed to full of greatness so i'm sure i'll miss commenting on a part of it i wanted to lol
    i am amazed that you fit everything into those spaces and i feel much more relieved because i thought you had a closet like the walkin wardrobe shown up top lol. so there might be hpe for me ;). i just need to visit ikea for some organizational separators i think. i did last week anyhow but need to return with dh to see what is possible ;D

    now for fave dress : how on earth to pick one! can we pick several? and would you believe i totally missed week 4?! which had some of my fave looks?! im amazed that your outfits were every bit as cute on day 25 as on day one whereas you'd think you wore all the best up front and had gotten down to the dregs at the end - not you! so, my faves (yes, faves, one isnt possible for me;) ):
    day 25 - so fun and cute and you really stand out in this
    day 12 with so many wonderful looks you might be surprised i picked this one but i love how it's so casual yet so pretty and feminine at the same time. you look like you could go out to a nice restaurant and then go run through the park afterwards
    day 13 - i remember your mad drafting and designing skills on this dress and just think it's absolutely incredible
    day 9 - how cute and fun is this outfit?!

    1. Thanks Rebecca - and believe me I wish I had a walk in wardrobe like that one too!!! Wouldn't it be magnificent!!! And yes, Ikea is amazing for ideas and organisation :)

  3. Your shoe collection is quite something!

    1. Thank you. And it still gets added to believe it or not. I still look at a dress and say 'I have no shoes that go with this dress'. Surely that will stop eventually....