Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What have you been up to ???

The short answer to that question is lots.  The long answer is this blog post!

I have been working on a few commission pieces for customers, which has been great.  Two of these pieces were needed for pinup competitions, so its been exciting to see my work on stage!

The first piece I made was a beach coat for Miss Polly Polka-dot who wanted it for the Miss Picture Perfect competition that was held on the 2nd of November.  This looks like it was a great competition and I hope they run it again next year.

All of Miss Polly's outfits must have polka-dots on them, so I went shopping and found some fabric that looked close to the colour of her vintage swimsuit and made her this beach coat:

I later made a tie belt in the polka-dot fabric

Now Miss Polly is a little slip of a thing, so the pattern that I used for this (the same one I used here) had to be shrunk a fair bit.  It was so different to be sewing something so small!!  But I was delighted with the outcome and so was Miss Polly.  Here she is wearing it on stage:

Isn't she just the cutest!
(Photos by Colin Davies)

I have another commission from Miss Polly that I am soooooo excited about - but I'm going to save that for another day....

The other pinup I was commissioned to sew stage wear for was Miss Dolly Bow Peep.  Miss Dolly had entered her first pinup comp, the Miss Sou'West Vintage Fest 2013 and needed a skirt to go over her playsuit.  After a lot of planning we decided on a red wrap skirt, so I made her this:

The fact that it wraps around and ties in a bow makes it easy to get off on stage

And here is a photo of her strutting her stuff:

(Photo by Red Leopard Photography)

Miss Dolly did so well considering it was her first comp - I was so proud of her!  There is a little video of her performance on her facebook page.  You can watch it here.

So, what else have I been doing???

Well one weekend I worked at the Sherbet Birdie studios for their Baby Animal day!

Yes.  We hired a petting zoo and had a photo shoot with all the baby bunnies, duckies, chickies, goaties, sheepies, and piggies.  It was seriously the best day on earth.  SO MUCH CUTENESS!!!!!  Even though I stank like a barn and was exhausted by the end of it, it was well worth it!  Check out Sherbet Birdie's facebook page for more cuteness as Sasha edits the pictures!

Hmmmm.... what else!

Oh!  Melbourne Cup Day!

I had planned to make an outfit for Melbourne Cup this year (like I did last year) but the vintage silk fabric with carousel horses I purchased went missing in the mail (sigh!) so that kind of put me off.  Instead I purchased all of this:

Jewellery: Lovisa

And even though I had a nasty migraine that day, I think I held myself together (mostly) to get through it!  And I felt pretty fab so that helped!

And last weekend I had great fun sewing something for myself, which I will show you on Friday... but anyone who follows my Facebook page will know exactly what I'm up to!



  1. You sure have been busy! I love the bathing suit cover up. It's beautiful and perfect.

  2. Ah, that fuchsia dress looks so gorgeous on you! Is there any colour that DOESN'T suit you well?
    I'm pretty busy preparing for 2 Christmas fairs, so I'm sewing mostly children's stuff and try to get my head around what cookies to make "last minute" for the holidays (big tradition here), so I guess I will be able to sew some vintage stuff for me only after Christmas. Haha, but I bought some vintage supplies in the meantime to help me over this "cold turkey". :-)