Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miss Rock and Rodz 2013 or My Trip to Tasmania!

Before I get in to my weekend away judging a pinup competition, I just want to say a few things.

Thank you to everyone for being patient while I've been unwell.  I've been getting increasingly sick for the last 12 months - migraines every month, foggy thinking, weight gain, exhaustion, etc etc etc.  The GPs I saw insisted that nothing was wrong with me and made me feel like it was all in my head.  Two months ago I got sick of feeling sick and convinced a Doctor to give me a referral to an endocrinologist.  Last month I finally got in to see him.  After a lot of testing I now have my answers. 

My hormone system was a disaster zone.  I was very low in estroegen, progesterone, and DHEA, which is the building block of all hormones (so no wonder I was low in the other two), and very low levels of vitamin D.  I have also been diagnosed with Coeliacs disease.

So I am now on hormone replacement therapy, several supplements, and a gluten free (and dairy free, cause I'm also lactose intolerant) diet.  This has pretty much turned my world upside-down.  And since my diagnosis I have been coming down with everything going around.  I hope that the current head cold will be the last of it (please!)

So thanks for putting up with my all-over-the-place-ness recently.  Things are hopefully looking up for me.

But now on with the fun!

Last weekend I travelled to Longford, Tasmania (another state in Australia to where I live) to judge a pinup competition!  Sew Retro Rose also sponsored the competition, with the winner receiving a $100 gift voucher towards a custom made dress. 

I just love Tassie!  How could you not love places that have fields like this:

And antique shops that looks like this!:

You can just imagine the treasures you'd find here - sadly I couldn't stop...

Anyway - when I arrived I posted on my Facebook page that I'd landed in Launceston, and one of my followers told me that I need to go Nanna's Coffee and Vintage - I asked for the address and headed right there, cause I thought it was just the kind of place I needed to visit.  I wasn't disappointed!

Nanna's was a great and humble cafe filled with gorgeous chrome legged tables and chairs dressed in nanna table cloths.  There was a fun selection of vintage (though nothing for me) and a very friendly host who made me a lovely cup of tea.  I had a lovely relaxing time and then headed off to my accommodation.

And can I say I was in love when I drove into the driveway....

Woolmers Estate is a world heritage listed convict site.  It was continually occupied by the same family from 1817 to 1994 and I think they farmed sheep... Anyway its very old and atmospheric and beautiful.  The cottage we stayed in (I stayed with Ms Katt from Ms Katt's Kustom House who organised the competition) dates back to the 1840s and I just loved it!

This is our cottage - isnt it adorable!

This is my room (after I'd dumped all my stuff...)
Here is part of the garden - its so rustic!

So once we'd move our stuff in we headed to the showground where the Rock and Rodz festival was being held to set up Ms Katt's shop and to meet the entrants for the pinup comp and have a run through.

Can I say that Ms Katt basically moved her whole store in 2 cars.  Seriously, unpacking it was insane - how she got everything packed in there was just beyond me.  I have renamed her car The Tardis.

Here is one quarter of the stuff we set up.

After a fun (and anecdote filled) evening and a good night's sleep it was the day of the show and the day of the pinup comp!

I decided to wear my new favourite dress:

With a cardigan, cause it was cold
And flat shoes, cause I spent all day on my feet... 

This was a fabulous competition that really embodied 'pinup' to me.  Girls of all ages and all sizes pushing their boundaries to get up on stage and strut their stuff.  The outfits and accessories were great, the routines were fun and the props were hilarious, which made it a joy to watch but hard to judge!

I didn't get to take many photos, but here is one of me and another judge, Von.

And here are our winners!  From right to left - Miss Cherry Bomb (winner), Miss Curvy Sue (first runner-up), and Miss Jacqueline Deluxxe (second runner-up)

I must admit that I loved all the ladies, but Miss Cherry Bomb was my favourite!  Her cheesecake routines and fabulous props just gave her the edge.

I had a fabulous weekend and loved meeting new friends, and I felt refreshed heading back to work.  But this last week the business turned 10, so I had to finalise the cocktail party for over 100 guests, and a golf day the following day (both of which I hosted).  That refreshed feeling went out the window pretty quickly I can tell you!


I'm going to try to get back to my regular posting schedule next week and I think I'll get you all to help me decide on my next project!



  1. Tassie is beautiful. Been away for 5 months now and I do miss "home".
    Im sooo happy to hear that you went to Nannas. Its awesome ♥
    Again, so upset that I couldn't make it to Rock n Rodz to see you :'(
    (Your next trip should be Melbs) :D

  2. Hope you can start feeling better now that you are finally on the correct medicine. I had to go gluten free once (to get pregnant actually) and it was extremely difficult, so I do empathise.
    How fun to judge a pinup comp tho! Any more pics?

    1. There is much more gluten free food available than I realised to be honest, but missing all the things I can no longer eat is a problem...

      There are probably more pics on their facebook page, but I don't have any more - was a bit busy judging!

  3. Wow you look gorgeous:) Good to hear you at least know what is wrong now..
    My hubs is from Tas so we go there every year.. where is that antique shop, I would love to know!! :)

    1. Sorry for my late reply - I hope you check back to see this! Its in Evandale, and if you ever go, go on a Sunday because there are amazing markets there every Sunday :)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. and as a fellow migraine sufferer I know what your going through. at the beginning of this year I drastically changed my diet and it helped a lot.not that they are completely gone, but they are more manageable now. so there is hope in diet change. good luck in your ventures. I hope it all works out, and your migraines go away for good!

  5. oh beccie! my goodenss! no wonder you've been sick a lot lately. i'm so glad though that they've given you some answers and now you know what positive stpes you can take to healing. i know all those dietary changes will be hard - you'll be in my prayers (or thoughts if you'd rather).
    and man are you a busy beaver! that cant help.
    that competition sounds like so much fun!! what a lovely place. gentle healing hugs to you

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers Rebecca - I'm feeling so much better every day :)