Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frocktober : Week 2 Outfit Round-up

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This is the outfit I made and blogged about here!  And the reason I look a bit dishevelled is it was blowing a gale - funny story.  When the plane arrived in Launceston I remembered that I would have to walk down stairs outside the plane and walk to the terminal.  I realised that it more than likely would be windy (jet engines and all that) so I gathered my carry-on in one hand, and a decent amount of skirt in the other, and stepped out onto the platform... only to have my hair blow straight across my face so I couldn't walk down the stairs because I couldnt see!!!  What a disaster!

Top and Skirt: Made by me!
Cardigan: Vintage, purchased on Etsy
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy


This was the day I attended the Rock & Rodz show in Longford, Tasmania to judge the pinup competition!  And of course I wore my new favourite dress.

Dress: Made by me
 Cardigan: Vintage, purchased on LA trip
Bangles: Bakelite purchased from Brighter Bakelite
Shoes: Plastic flats purchased on honeymoon


After the pinup competition I got on a plane and headed back home, arriving at about 1am.  The next day was a public holiday but due to a huge function later in the week, I needed to go to work to get stuff done.  BUT I had time for breakfast at my favourite cafe first!  The cafe is located in a nursery and the bird next to me - Hector - is the nursery's pet.  He likes to eat grass, say hello, whistle at dogs, and bite fingers.

Top: Made by Mikala Design on Etsy
Skirt: not vintage, but purchased on OLL Facebook group
Belt: purchased from Miskonduct
Shoes: purchased from Macys on LA trip


I was starting to come down with a cold so I thought I'd dress in something springlike to see if I could wish myself into feeling better... it didn't work.

Dress: Bernie Dexter Dress from Ms Katts Kustom House
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy
Bag: Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa


I just love this skirt!  I actually wanted the dress version but I had problems with the fit.  My size 14 boobs and size 10 waist couldn't compromise on a size 12 dress... so I bought the skirt instead!

Top: Vamp top by Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt: Retrospec'd
Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy
Bag: Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: Red Bettie Satin Heels by Pinup Girl Clothing
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


This was the day of the big function at work, and the weather was forecast to be VERY hot, so I thought this vintage cotton dress would be just perfect whilst I ran around getting all the last minute things done for the party.

Dress: Vintage dress purchased in Canada on my last visit
(how awesome are the pockets and shoulders detail!)
Bangles: Bakelite purchased from Brighter Bakelite
Bag: Pinup Girl Clothing wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: lilac wedges purchased on the LA Trip


The day after the big party.  I hosted a cocktail party for 100 people and got to bed at 2am.  I spent day eleven hosting a golf day - seeing everyone off at the tee, delivering beer and sandwiches around the course, and cooking the barbeque after the round.  I was very tired and could not be bothered to put on makeup.... please don't think any less of me!

Dress: Cherry Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy
Necklace: by Collectif, purchased from Oh Lucy!
Shoes: Jelly Shoes by Fiebiger Shoes

I hope you are all enjoying a look in my wardrobe!  I'm enjoying wearing lots of different things that I don't wear much.  Don't forget to donate here!



  1. Beccie, no matter how you dress, no matter if you have makeup on or not, you look always wonderful! All those outfits make me say "I would like to have this one too"! And I'm in love with all the matching wicker purses! :-) Just bought some crochet purses from the 40s with bakelite handles, however, they are not available in purple...

    Hope you had some time to recover.

    1. I just love purple and lilac!

      Thats one of the reasons I have described what I'm wearing and put links up - cause I figured someone might like it and want to buy it, and it saves them having to ask me!

      I have now had some time to recover (thank goodness) and am firing on all cylinders again - thanks Mrs Button :)

  2. Beautiful outfits beccie, you look great everyday makeup or not, I think we would all like to able to achieve that, she says wearing leggings sitting on the couch!
    I was just wondering what the OLL facebook group is, I LOVE that peacock skirt :)

    1. Thanks Nomz :) OLL is a facebook group for buying, selling and swapping vintage clothing strictly from the 40s and 50s. If you search for a group called Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop you will find it - you need to request to be added :)

      PS. Sorry for my late reply - I hope you check back and see this :)

  3. goodness gracious! stunning day in day out and even while being so busy most women wouldnt be able to even get out of pj's lol. ohmygosh i loooove the kitten skirt! cute! and i have really been wanting a bernie dexter dresss but i know i cant wear dresses because of my bust size too. so how did you manage with the BD dress? i know we have same waist measurements because our convos re skirt you made up for me. my bust is 39 inches and i wear an f cup. so are we comporable there too? and if so, what size did you get for the BD dress?
    ive asked roisin from dolly clacket blog before but think you might be another good one to ask - how on earth do you store your accessories, your shoes, your stash? i have trouble storing the few shoes and belts i have in an orderly manner and would just love to see if you have some kind of trick to managing these things so it doesnt look a mess and so you know just where everything is

    1. My measurements at the moment are 39.5 bust, 29 waist, 44 hip. Scarily, the online calculator tells me I'm a G cup!!!!


      Anyway! I wear Bernie Dexter dresses (which have NO stretch) by a) wearing a not very supportive bra that flattens me out; b) putting up with a bit of squishing; and c) buying size medium (full skirted ones only - wiggles are another story). Bernie's prints are just so gorgeous that I will put up with a bit of flattening and a bit of squishing to wear them :)

      Maybe you could buy one from somewhere that accepts returns? Does Modcloth accept returns???

      And doing a post on how I store all my accessories once Frocktober is over is a great idea! Look out for one in the first week of November!

    2. yeah! look forward to it :D
      i can not put up with the squish thing no matter how cute the print lol ;). it ends up doing the uniboob thing and that's not flattering lol
      what katie did sells BD and they accept returns. maybe one day...if i could stop spending so much money on yarn lol ;)
      have you seen the copycats of the BD dresses roisin from dollyclacket blog does. sooo cute!