Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Valentine's Day Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

So oopsy - I was supposed to do this yesterday.... but I got distracted by sewing and forgot all about it.  So I did the draw this morning instead!

For those that might not have seen me draw a competition, I don't use the normal random number generator.  That's boring.  I use my own personal random number generator.  My side kick - Miss Stella!

This morning, she stood patiently by while I sorted the numbered ping-pong balls so I had only 1-54 in the bucket.

Then we walked out onto the grass to get ready for random-number generation done the fun way!

I shook the bucket of balls around and then launched them up and onto the grass.

Because I do this myself, I have never managed to get a decent photo of the balls in the air...

Stella ran around a bit, nosed at a few of the balls, made her choice and did a runner with it.  Typical dog.

I chased it down and got it out of her mouth, and the winning number was...

So, now I'm back on my computer, I have counted down the comments to get to the 46th comment, and the winner is:


Honey, I already have your address from the SEWsterhood of the Travelling Pattern, so this package will be on its way to you very soon.

Thank you all so much for entering.  I read each and every one of your comments and they made me so happy and proud.  I want to give special mention to Marko - a young man who loves himself, and is ignoring gender roles to embrace his love of sewing and fashion design.  I'm sure I'm not the only person in this group who is right behind you, supporting you.

Keep showing love to yourselves every day - you deserve it!



  1. Yay, she is one lucky gal this week!

    1. Yes, indeedy I am, DCHartist CSNY!! Smiling from ear-to-ear!!!!

  2. So happy for you Lyric.. Know you will enjoy.
    Love your way of picking the winner.. so cute.

  3. Congratulations Lyric. Ms Stella is very photogenic!

  4. Well done Lyric! And thank you so much for the shout out too! I love your blog so much, Marko x

    1. Woooo whooo, Marko. Yes, I too am behind you embracing the love of textiles and fashion! Thank you for the kind remarks above. :-)



  5. Awww sookie sookie naw!!! I'm at McDonald's now (7:25 p.m.) and just found out!!!!! Thank you, thank you, Ms. Beccie. I am so way fortunate this week for sure . . . THIS and the new job that I start 3-9-2015. I am feeling so very good, blessed, and special!

    Oh, and I finally started my capelet muslin and it fits . . . double YAY!

    Now I've got to find out what I won, LOL. I commented because I have a big mouth and just love playing with you gals.

    Hey, now that I'll be working perhaps I can start doing give-a-ways. What fun, sharing with your International Sewing Gals.

    Again, thank you and Stella too!