Friday, February 20, 2015

Capelet Sewalong : Part 2 : Making A Pattern For The Lining

When I announced the capelet as the next sewalong, there were a lot of requests in the group to add a lining.  It wasn't part of the original pattern, but there is no reason why it can't be a lined capelet with a bit of ingenuity.

Since there are already facing pieces we can cheat!

Got to love cheating!!

But first, you need to unpick your muslin, and any changes you made to it, you need to make on your paper pattern.  This is mostly going to be on the bodice pieces, but you might have done other things...

Then, cut out all the pieces from your fashion fabric, but not the interfacing piece.  We'll use that another day.

Now, lets look at the lining piece by piece

Bodice Front Piece
I've folded the attached facing in, and put the front hem facing over the top of the pattern piece so we can get an idea of what it will look like.

All we need to do here is cut a piece from the point of the V at the top, down to where the front hem facing piece ends

By the way - don't cut your pattern piece, just fold it

Bodice Back Piece
Here is the piece with the back hem facing laid over the top.

This one is super simple.  We're just going to cut the same bodice back piece out BUT put the edge of the pattern that should be on the fold, 1/2" away from the fold.  I made the mistake of not doing this once and ripped my lining when I reached forward with both arms.  Lining needs give.  Fair enough this is more important in things that have sleeves, but its a good habit to get into.

Cape Front Piece
Here is the piece with the front neck facing laid over the top.

Another super simple one - just cut the same shape piece out from your lining fabric.

You will notice that there is no bottom facing.  We need one, so you need to make one.  Its pretty simple and you can make it from anything you want.  It needs to be the same shape as the bottom of the cape, and the same width as the bodice facings (mine are 2 1/2").

Cape Back Piece
Here is the piece with the back neck facing laid over the top.

This is pretty much the same deal as the cape front.  Cut the exact piece from your lining fabric, and make a bottom hem facing.

Awesome!  We've cut out all our fabric!  Lets get on with the sewing!!


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