Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall for Cotton: Thank you!!

Honestly, what would I do without you guys!  All your comments and suggestions really helped me think through the process of what I should sew for this sew-along.

And whilst there was plenty of good advice about killing two birds with one stone etc, I'm going to go with the project that got the most votes:

Yes, I will now be using the blue vintage roses border print fabric that I found at Rose Seidler House Fifties Fair to make my version of a gorgeous dress that was for sale at the same fair but was sadly too small.

But we all know how fast I seem to get through these projects, so when I finish what will now be called the Rose Seidler dress, I will start on the project that came in second - this one:

And if I manage to fly through that one as well (you just never know with me), I will make this one:

Actually, I will probably make this one next even if I miss the deadline to enter it into the sew-along...  So never fear, even if you voted for the Cherries and Red Gingham, you'll still see it made.

Once again, thank you so much for your help and your thoughtful comments!  I really appreciate your input!!



  1. Youll get all these finished in no time!
    I entered the sew-along too!

    1. hahahaha probably Esz... I think I'll at least get the first two done...
      And I'm so glad you entered too :)

  2. That cherry bundle fabric is soo sweet! You must make that last one-

  3. ha! roflol! we will be seeing three dresses soon yeah! i knew it ;D! i only voted today so late to the party. bloglovin has been whacking out on me. pulling up a blank screen with just header up top for all my blogs i follow. whatever. working now :D
    happy sewing :D