Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall For Cotton : HELP!

So as announced earlier in the week, I've joined the Fall for Cotton Sew-along.  And I'd made a decision about what I was going to sew... but now I'm not so sure...

My original idea was this:

I was planning on making view 2 (right hand lady) and use red gingham on the contrasting shoulders and sleeves.  And I love this idea, and I will make it at some point... but you know how your mind wanders with inspiration some times....

Well this pattern arrived and my brain began to wander:

Mainly because I have a country themed shoot coming up in early November, and I can just see view 1 with the flouncy collar made up in blue gingham...  And besides, I do need to make a muslin of this pattern before I use it for its intended purpose, which is my Melbourne Cup dress using vintage silk with horses printed on it...

Its not cotton, so can't participate in the sew-along...

But then, my mind drifted again to the fabrics I purchased at Rose Seidler House Fifties Fair on the weekend, in particular the 4.5 metres of the blue roses border print cotton.

I do have inspiration for this dress, but its not a pattern.  Remember that glorious dress that I saw that was too small for me?  Here is a reminder:

I'm thinking I could copy it.  Wouldn't be too difficult... until I got to the piping bit.  Haven't played with piping yet...

So this is where the help bit comes in.  I can't made a decision.  I'm hoping you guys can.  To sum up, here are you choices:

A) Cherries and red gingham
B) Flouncy blue gingham
C) Vintage blue roses.

Aaaaaaand GO!


PS.  It'd be really good if you guys could come to some sort of agreement and all comment the same, thanks!


  1. Hi Beccie, as I scrolled down from each dress and fabric my thought process was yes, yes and YES!! Hope that helps :)

  2. I say go with the blue gingham since it will serve two purposes at once - give you a great dress for the cotton challenge AND prep your pattern so you are ready to go for your silk version.

  3. What a tough choice Beccie! I love the idea of the vintage blue roses but agree with DesertroseBJD, go with the gingham as it useful as well as pretty. I'm trying to kill a couple of birds, as they say, with the challenge too.

  4. As much as I ADORE the blue roses, I do agree with the ladies above. I love gingham and if the dress does double duty for two projects - it's a good call.

  5. I agree! The tiered blue gingham dress all the way.

  6. For the sake of making it easier on you, I vote blue gingham too! And then maybe squeeze in your original idea. We have a whole month for the sewalong, after all. Plenty of time for two dresses!

  7. Wow, you have some lovely material to choose from, but go for blue, my favorite colour and then the others if you have time. I really needed a drapey fabric so have had a hard time finding something suitable. good luck and I look forward to following the progress.

  8. Being practical, I would make the blue gingham dress as well. But, to be honest, the choice of my heart would be the first option, the cherry dress, as I had to decide too between two choices, and one was cherries and strawberries on a black-white gingham... (I am so keen on cherry/fruit fabrics currently - I love your fabric, and I would love to know where you got it from...)

    But as I said, sometimes we have to be reasonable, and as the blue gingham dress suits two purposes. And as you are able to sew dresses in no time, you surely could make another dress... :)

  9. Now I am going to throw a spanner in the works with a different opinion, sorry.....I love the blue roses, that would make a Beautiful dress. Imagine the dress from Rose Seidler House, now your own make of dress in blue on you...a tribute to that memory and appreciation of the inspiration that day gave you........

    Anyways I really like all your dresses, very clever.

  10. I say do the copycat because that original dress is to die for, and would definitely give you a challenge!

  11. Nope!.... he he... blue roses does it for me. I just want to see it made up into a copy of the pink dress with the piping. It'll be fab!

  12. For me it's a tie between A and C. They are both great and would no doubt look beautiful on you.

  13. I like A best. Can't wait to see whatever you make next!

  14. At first I was going to say B, the flouncy blue gingham as I adore that pattern! However I think you are always going to hanker after C. I'll be annoying and say make both!

  15. I am not good at making decisions! Plus I really like all three. However, practically speaking, the blue gingham I'd probably best since you need a muslin and have a use for it planned already. Ok, not mommy speaking now, totally go for the blue roses dress! Piping is not hard, you just have to think about layers and how things should face before you sew. (I always pin and ten turn the whole thing tight side out to make sure everything is lined up correctly on the outside before I sew one stitch.)
    Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what you make!

  16. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your help. I decided not to reply individually - hope you don't mind! You've all really helped me think through the process :)

  17. gorgoues gorgoues gorgoues! too many options! only sensible solution = make all the things! :D
    but seriously. you need to prattice for the awesome horsey dress! that's a must right? so id go for the flouncy but as soon as i was done with that id do the vintage blue roses which is the most gorgeous cut ever and would look smashing on you and then the red gingham contrast dress because it will be too cute.
    so i guess my answer would be the blue gingham flounce ... for now ;D

  18. Cherries and red gingham (says she who comes a day late and a dolla short)