Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall For Cotton Sew-Along

Yes, I have decided to join Tasha of By Gum, By Golly and Rochelle of Lucky Lucille in their Fall for Cotton Sew-along!

This sew along is for people who like vintage styles (check!) and think cotton fabric is amazing (check!).

Here are the rules:
  1. Join the Flickr group Fall For Cotton and say hi
  2. Pick a pattern tha helps you recreate a garment from your favourite vintage decade: 1920s to 1970s
  3. Pick any fabric thats 100% cotton
  4. Get organised to start sewing on the 1st of September
  5. Have your finished garment photographed and uploaded to Flickr by the 30th of September
Not only is there a Flickr group, there is a hashtag for Instagram and Twitter - #fallforcotton

Tasha and Rochelle have already done some fabulous posts on buying vintage cotton fabric here and here, and modern cotton fabric here.

I'm working on some ideas for what I'll sew for this sew-along - the possibilities really are endless!!!  Why don't you join in???



  1. oohsounds like fun :D. think i'll have a go with a pattern from gertie's book. i'm trying to sew through that anyway. so far ive only managed the portrait blouse so i have... a lot to go ;P

    1. hahahaha that sounds like a good project - to sew that whole book!

      I personally want to run a long long way away every time I have to copy a pattern off those pattern sheets...

  2. I'vd joined. I'm new to sewing so it's my first challenge ... V.exciting. I'm trying a thirties pattern with a deco vibe fabric. I'm making the new look suit from gerties book at the moment, starting with the skirt.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you've joined!! I'm not big on doing challenges / sew-alongs either. Really I've just done this one and the Mad Men one.

      Your pattern and fabric sound fabulous! Whats your name on the Flickr group? Have you posted a photo?

    2. I only learned of this "Mad Men" stuff online (we don't have television at our house). The Sew-A-Long seemed a cool idea. I was excited for you gals that participated. Hope I run into finished examples one day.

  3. I'm doing it too. I'm not doing anything over-ambitious in terms of patterns, just a simple 1950s shirt, but it will be my first time using vintage fabric for a garment. I blogged my plans for it and have posted in the flickr group as laceduplady. I can't wait to see your dress, your fabric is so pretty!

    1. I love using vintage fabric!!! I must admit thought I have my heart in my mouth every time I cut it, cause I know I can't just go down the shop and get more if I have a problem :)

      I'm going to go to the Flickr group and check out your posts now!

  4. This would have been sew fun. I'll keep up with you gals while figuring out how to get "in" on such a worthwhile project in future days.

    Woooo whooo, you go (and rock) Beccie!