Friday, August 23, 2013

The Outfit Emergency Continues...

... well its actually not an emergency any more, because the outfit is FINISHED!!!!

Yes, the dress was finished on Wednesday night (thanks to hubby and step-son being at rugby training, giving me extra sewing time) and I sewed the bolero last night from start to finish in two hours.

Yes, two hours.

I only made a tiny alteration to the pattern - the same one as the dress - which was to add half an inch to the side seam on the front and back pieces.  And from there it was a very simple sew, mainly due to the fact that there is no collar.  Who needs a collar on the bolero when there is such a fabulous one on the dress???

I'm really happy with the way this outfit turned out.  Especially considering it was a last minute sew.  I've decided I'm going to enter the best dressed competition at the fair, so you all need to cross your fingers for me!!!

I am already planning making this outfit again, and there will be things I will do differently (and I'll make sure I do a much more detailed post when I do).  But they will be very very minor alterations that you won't notice from the outside.

I'm going to make up another version in this fabric, to go with this hat!

This is obviously not me - I think its the Etsy seller I purchased the hat from.

This version will have a lilac satin bolero made with some lovely thick satin that I have in my stash.  I'm going to a ladies day at a race meeting in a couple of weeks and I thought having an enormous bunch of flowers on my head would be perfect for a spring outfit!!!

And due to the vintage fair (and a stallion parade at a thoroughbred stud that I'm attending with my father-in-law) there will be no sewing this weekend.  But never fear!  I'm going to have to fill you in on the goings-on at the Rose Seidler House Fifties Fair, so you WILL be hearing from me!

But if you can't wait until then, go on over to my Facebook Page because I'm sure to post something on there!

Till next week!



  1. Very nice! Your other version will look fab too, especially with the fabulous hat!

  2. Etsy hat seller's name pweese! Your new lilac Bakelite will also look fab with that fabric. xx

    1. I was going to link to her shop but there was nothing in it so didn't want to get people disappointed. Her shop name is CulpBaubles.

      And yes, it will look AMAZING with that outfit won't it!!!

  3. ohmygosh! i cannot believe the perfect frbric you have found to go with that lilac hat!!!! i cant wait to see that one. and wtg on your speed sewing. your dresses always look much better on you than on your headless friend so cant wait to see pics of this outfit in action eithe; i know you'll come away with the blue ribbon! go you <3 !!!
    i finally finished some things myself if you want ot have a look :D :

    1. It actually worked the other way around - I found the fabric and then I miraculously found the matching hat! And I couldn't believe just how well they went together!!!

      I'm so looking forward to wearing this speed-sewn ensemble on Sunday. I'll post pictures next week :)

  4. It looks fabulous :) So- good luck at the show and HAVE FUN!

  5. Wow you are fast at sewing. How creative and beautiful, there can not possibly be someone there better dressed then you. Love what you have done and love the other material, so looking forward to seeing made, that will all be made by Monday night right?? LOL.

  6. OMG! This is a wonderful dress! I hope you wake up full of admiration at the event! You are great!

  7. This is an amazing dress, I absolutely love it!