Friday, September 6, 2013

The Hydrangea Dress

You may have seen me post a sneak peak of what I was sewing last weekend... I haven't mentioned anything about it since, but I was hard at work on it to get it done for the Ladies Day I attended yesterday at Wyong Race Course.  This is an event that my parents-in-law attend every year, and this year Mum and I went along too.

And of course, for a spring racing carnival, I had to have a very spring-y dress.  What could be better than hydrangeas!

First up - I need to showcase the amazing fascinator that I purchased from CulpBaubles on Etsy.  I would add a link here, but there is unfortunately nothing in the shop for you to buy! (***See update at bottom of post***)  Anyway, here it is:

I also want to thank my hair for co-operating.  There is only three bobby pins and a little bit of hairspray holding this together believe it or not!

I used the same pattern as the dress I made for the Rose Seidler House Fifties Fair (and the same pattern I'm using in my birthday giveaway!)  Its just such a wonderful pattern and I LOVE the collar!!!  The fabric was from the home furnishings section of Spotlight.  I had to have some as soon as I saw it, and thank goodness there was a 30% off sale, because it wasn't cheap!  I also added some lilac ribbon trim for good measure.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any hydrangeas in their gardens...

I just wanted to say something about these shoes - I bought them online from Styletread, and they arrived really quickly and were really comfy.  They are all leather and were originally $190, but I got them for $40 - BARGAIN!!!

Totally painted my nails to match...

Throughout the day I drank champagne:

And watched the horses run past from a lovely spot in the grandstand, out of the sun and in the breeze (it got quite warm considering its only the first week of spring!!!)

I did place a few bets but none of them came through.... but it didn't really matter, it was just a lovely day out!

While I was making this dress I was also making another one (I tell you, favourite pattern at the moment!) that will serve as a demo of the dress you could win in fabric of your choice, so I hope you've entered the giveaway!!!!  I'll finish it this weekend and you'll see it on Monday.  I'm also going to work on a muslin for my contribution to the Fall for Cotton sew-along.  Another busy weekend ahead of me!

Enjoy your weekend!!


UPDATE!!!  Jennifer from CulpBaubles just contacted me to say oops - she didn't realise the listings in her shop had expired!  Check out her gorgeous fascinators here! I think this one is my favourite!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a lot of fun, and I love that even your nail polish matched :)

  2. Beautiful, Beccie! and the fascinator matches your eyes perfectly :)
    It really is a great pattern, very flattering and the dress looks so comfy too!

    xx Kim

  3. You certainly know how to work a headpiece, Beccie.

  4. LOVE the hair and fascinator. I bow down.

  5. Great dress and a such a lovely fabric! I love the accessories too :)

  6. Beautiful! I have total hair envy right now. Mine will never behave and do neat pretty rolls like that (it's a similar length to yours and very thick and heavy).

  7. You look so glamorous with this beautiful dress, dear Beccie! It's the most beautiful thing I saw lately, love the whole outfit, especially the bag! Happy (and busy) weekend!

  8. Lovely indeed! I love the colors! =)

  9. you look absolutely smashing and lovely and so springy. bet you were the hit of the race day. what a deal what a steal on those shoes btw

  10. love the shoes. they go with that dress prefectly!!!xxx

  11. Dear Beccie, another wonderful dress! I just don't know what to say else than "wow"! And everything else looks great too, the fascinator, the shoes (love them) and the bag - I wish I had such a bag! (Where did buy buy it from?) I guess you had a splendid day, as splendid as your look...
    I love hydrangeas, and I also have a hydrangea fabric in my stash since some months, but it's in shades of blue on white. I hope when I ever sew a dress, it will look only half as lovely as yours!

  12. Thank you EVERYONE for your lovely comments! Time got away from me after I posted this post so I wasn't able to reply to your comments in a timely manner... sorry!

    It is a fabulous outfit - I just love it!

    And for those who were wondering about the bag - its a Pinup Girl Clothing bag and you can find it here:

    I loved this one so much I also bought a lime green one in this shape AND a red one in the other shape!

    A girl can never have too many accessories!

  13. Thank you for comment, Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress.
    Your fascinator is so lovely and dress beautiful.
    I m glad you found me, cus I really like your blog and now you have new reader :)

  14. gorgeous! Love everything about it, and the styling is perfect!

  15. Bravo, bravo, clapping gleefully from over here in the U S of A! Don't you look purty!

    Lovin' it.