Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Remember the Giveaway Skirt???

Back in February (seems like forever ago doesn't it!) you might remember that I had a giveaway as part of Sew Grateful Week where I would sew a the winner a skirt? 

Well last week I received photos of Shannon wearing her prize - The Shoe Skirt!

Shannon also wrote me a lovely email:

"I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to send you some photos.  I actually took these the day after I received the skirt, but then I was moving across the country and they got put on the back burner."

"I don't have that many to send you even though we took quite a few.  I had no idea how hard taking nice outfit shots would be.  I appreciate your lovely photos even more now"

"I wore the skirt to dinner to a Brazillian restaurant that night we took the photos.  As we were leaving the restaurant, one of the hostessess actually ran out to catch us in the parking lot... just to ask me where I got my skirt!  I told her a friend made it for me.  She seemed disappointed not to be able to go out and buy one for herself."

"I also wore the skirt often during our drive out to California, and was asked about it several times.  I love my skirt and feel so special when I wear it.  Thank you again!"

Well, thank you Shannon for playing along and sending me some photos to share with everyone (especially that last one - love it!!).  I'm so glad that you love your skirt!!!

I hope you all feel suitably jealous!!!



  1. super cute! love how she accessorized it. the skirt is beautiful, the model is gorgeous, the outfit fantabulous, the pics are great (that last one is fun, isnt it?) you were so totallyawesome to make that giveaway skirt for her! and pretty darn good to get a skirt to fit someone you've never met !

    1. Thats the beauty of the wrap skirt Rebecca - its pretty easy to get it to fit :) But thanks for the compliment!

  2. She looks great and has styled the skirt so well!

  3. Love the pink and grey together. That fabric is so cute!

  4. How sweet of her! You really did make a beautiful piece! What was the name of the fabric you used for the main part of the skirt?

    The Fictionista

    1. I'm not sure it had a name Sean. I found it at my local fabric store and I called it the Shoe Fabric - its a cotton drill :)

  5. Absolutely adorable! I am so glad I found your blog too.