Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Thankyou Giveaway Winners Announced!!!

Well didn't we have fun last night drawing the winners of the giveaway!

Just to remind you all what was up for grabs...

Pattern A

Pattern B

Pattern C

I say boo to automatic number generators!  I wanted to have a much more fun way of picking the winners, and my idea involved a big jar of ping pong balls, a texta, a bucket, and an excited puppy!

So each ping pong ball was numbered, and put into this bucket:

A friend of mine bought me this bucket cause it has a puppy on it that looks remarkably like Miss Stella!  When its not being used for crazy things like this, it serves as my rubbish bin in my sewing room.

The ping pong balls were then swirled around and tipped on the floor in front of an excited Miss Stella, and the ball she picked up and ran off with was the winner!

First up - Pattern A (which had the most entrants by the way).

I tipped the bucket out in front of Miss Stella...

And she picked ball number 3!

Which corresponded to MEGAN ARNOL!!!!!!

Next up, Pattern B (which had the least number of entrants).  I tipped out the bucket...

And once again she picked ball number 3!

Which corresponded to SORBET SURPRISE!!!!!

Then I reloaded the bucket for the last time to draw for Pattern C.  I tipped out the bucket...

And this time she picked up ball number 18!

Which corresponded to ESZ!!!!!!

And after all that I decided I had to give Miss Stella her own ping pong ball.  Each time she'd pick one and run off with it and I had to chase her down and ask her to give it back.  She was none too pleased!  But she was happy when I gave her her own to crunch on!

So HOORAY for Megan Arnol, Sorbet Surprise, and Esz!!!  Can you all please send me an email at beccieblossom(at) so I can get your patterns off to you in the mail!



  1. How crazy and fun this raffle must have been!

  2. that is high-larious! best way ever to pick a winner!
    congrats to winners :D
    you look so gorgeous in that top photo and i just lvoe the wall and furniture you're standing in front of.
    and of course that cute doggie bucket :D

    1. I thought it was a great way to pick winners too, and I'll be doing it again in the future!

      We have a few red walls in the house, and some interesting pieces of furniture too - nothing 1950s though unfortunately...

  3. Wow, great way of picking winners. Congratulations to the winners!

  4. Hehehe this is too cute! So creative! I bet Stella loved it!
    and YAY for winning! That cape is the cutest and I have a few fabrics I could make this out of!

    1. Stella had A BALL! (haha!!)
      And I hope you will share with us what you make from the pattern Esz :)

  5. That is an awesome way to pick a winner! So pleased to have won!