Thursday, June 20, 2013

My 'Gertie' Wiggle Dresses

Just recently, you may recall, I tried to be super efficient and sew two dresses at the same time.  It was a total success and I've worn each of them a few of times and I've only had them a couple of weeks!

As a reminder, this is the pattern I was using:

But with a different neckline...

And I'd previously used the pattern to make my Mad Men Dress:

I really need to do my hair like that again soon...

And because I have been able to wear them both (at least once!) I've been able to get photos of them to show you!!!  However, the background is REALLY BORING!  Its winter here now, and so its often dull and too dark to take photos at home, which means I'm confined to taking them in the office with a helpful co-worker.  Luckily there is an empty room that gets plenty of sunshine.

Maybe I should ask if I could bring some props in... I don't think anyone would care....  I'll work on that.

But until then, here are the photos (with a very empty and boring background!)

the black version

This is seriously the most comfortable dress!  Its form fitting without being tight, and its so versatile!  And I'm REALLY HAPPY with the changes I made to the neckline.

the green version

You may remember that I thought the green version was too plain when it was finished?  Well my solution was to make a gathered attached 'belt' just like in the blue 'Mad Men' version.  I did make a small boo-boo though, and attached it a bit high, so it sits just under my bust rather than around my waist, but I like the way that such a simple addition really changes the look of the dress.  I am trying to resist putting one on the black dress!

Oh!  And you may notice the lovely flowered hair pieces I'm wearing???  I've just found this lady with a business called Swell Dame Vintage Inspired Accessories and Apparel who lives in Greece who makes the most AMAZING hair pieces...  She has an etsy store here, and a facebook page here.  If you are looking for any gorgeous hand made things, you should check her out.

This is the one I wore with the green dress

 This is the one I wore with the black dress
And it has a BIRDIE!!!!!

I should add that Swell Dame has in no way asked me to say that, or paid me to say that, or given me anything to say that.  I just enjoy promoting people who make beautiful things that I think others would love too.

Now that I have been so successful at sewing two dresses at the same time, I am planning my next efficient sewing project - COATS!!!!!  Lets hope I don't bite off more than I can chew!



  1. Ah those dresses are perfection! The belt on the green one is a great idea - and the shoes match so well.
    Thanks for the heads up on the hair flowers! I'm a bit of a rabid collector too. Bought some fake flowers to make some myself but haven't got round to gluing it all together yet.
    LOVE your hair too - that roll is so immaculate :-)
    Massively bored with the style of my own hair at the mo.

    1. I buy so many things to shove in my hair Esz that I have a special box for them all to live in. Its got that bad that I need A BOX!

      And I've definitely got that hair roll down pat - even on freshly washed hair (the lilac hair piece photo is freshly washed). I think my hair has gotten used to being in that shape so it doesn't fight me any more.

      And I understand the getting bored with your hair thing. I try really hard not to do that because my only option is to chop it off and I'm just not prepared to do it. I think thats where the fascination with things to shove in my hair comes from, cause then it looks different even when its not :)

  2. I love, love, love them. I so wish I could sew! :)

  3. Wow, great dresses! I love them all!
    And the hairpieces are beautiful too! Definitely going to check out the etsy shop.

  4. still playing catch up but getting there.
    OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youlook smashing! i think i like the teal one best, you're right the belt really adds some interest.
    i dont get it, did yousmoosh up and pinch the fbaric of the actual dress together to make that "belt" or is it a separate piece? if you used the actual dresses fabric why did it not make it too short?
    and your accessories are tooooo perfect, shoes, hose, and hair
    love your hair !!!!

    1. I cut a wide piece of the fabric and hemmed it, then I ran a gathering stitch down where the seam lines of the dress are, and gathered the belt to smoosh it up (love that word!). Then I hand sewed it to the dress.

      And yes, if I had done that with the pieces of the dress it would make it to short :)

  5. The dresses turned out so beautiful! I love the green one! Flowers look beautiful in your hair!

    1. Thanks Lorie - I love wearing flowers in my hair (and all types of other things too)! Because its so long there are limited things I can do with it, so shoving things in it makes it look different every day, and I don't get bored with it!

  6. Gorgeous!! I'm also loving the hair and the shoes. I really need to buy that book because everything I've seen made from it is amazing.

    1. Its a great book Rochelle - however, I'm not to keen on tracing the patterns out, that took some perserverance!

  7. The dresses are so beatiful, but I love your hair.

  8. So gorgeous! I love the green one especially, and I will likely steal your idea of the belt one of these days. It's so fun to use these kinds of details on solid fabric! Lovely, lovely work!

    1. Steal away honey - and yes, it would disappear on patterened fabric, but sometimes solid coloured fabric just needs something to give it interest :)