Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vogue Patterns - Fall 2012 Collection

Vogue Patterns have just released their fall collection for 2012, and some of the pieces were really nice, some weren't, and some were bizarre, so I was inspired to do a quick review!

I've decided to call this collection the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY

V1316 - Rebecca Taylor for Vogue Patterns
I love the panelling on this dress, and I'm really tempted to buy it, even though it doesn't have a vintage vibe to it.

V1317 - Chado Ralph Rucci for Vogue Patterns
You will have to excuse the model's stupid pose - I mean seriously, what about this looks good!?!  This dress has a really cute 1960s vibe to it - and I think its a great in-between dress (and by in-between I mean in-between summer and winter) so perfect for this collection.

V1320 - Issey Miyake for Vogue Patterns
Another stupid pose... but not as stupid as the last one...
This coat is fabulous!  And SOOO retro!  You can see by the line drawings that its really more straight than A-line, but its a nice modern take on what is truly a vintage style coat.

V8828 - Vogue Easy Options
I like this dress, its a bit sweet!  However, I don't like the length of these sleeves... they're neither here nor there, and therefore confusing and ugly.  Luckily this pattern comes with quite a lot of variations (including a military-esque one) and I think the sleeveless version would be my pick.

V8836 - Very Easy Vogue
I like these pants!  With their cuffed bottoms and optional faux pockets they remind me of 1940s jeans.  It does say the pattern is only suitable for lightweight fabric, but I'm curious to see how they would make up in denim...  I think I would just shrink the width of the legs a bit...

V1322 - DKNY for Vogue Patterns
I'll start by saying that this cape also has a matching dress, which is quite nice.  But this cape... I had such potential!  But with its suit jacket style front, it just looks like a huge, oversized men's suit coat that you couldn't be bothered to finish by sewing up the sleeves!

V8832 - Very Easy Vogue
The model doesn't look impressed at having to wear this one...  and I can see why!  Its a shapeless royal blue satin sack with sleeves! Ugh!!  You could be hiding anything under there.  Good for those kleptomaniac sewers!!

And finally...


I don't know what to say... its just hideous.  I am speechless.  Ugh!

To see more designs, more silly model poses, and other designs that I didn't feature, have a look at this page.  I'd be curious to know what you think!




  1. I really like the panelled one and the red dress looks really cute too. On the other page you linked to - the woman squatting? What were they thinking?!

    1. I agree - that has to be THE WORST pose out of all of them!