Thursday, July 12, 2012

One project completed...

... about a million to go!!!

Last weekend I had hoped to have two days sewing.  My hopes were dashed when I found out my husband's race horse (don't get excited, he only owns one leg) was racing on the Saturday afternoon.  They were further dashed when I came down with some bug and spent all of Sunday in bed feeling ill.

So, I didn't manage much with my half-a-day's sewing, much I did manage to complete one blouse and make a good start on a pencil skirt!  But now for the blouse.

As discussed in my post last week, I purchased this blouse pattern recently:

I thought it looked like a fun pattern, with a long and short sleeve option, and a big bow to hide my little belly!

This pattern was designed to be easy to sew (which it was), but I'm not a fan of the cut-in-one-piece blouse front and sleeves.  I'd much prefer to curse and swear at set in sleeves and end up with a much more tailored blouse at the end... but never mind!

I do like the blouse - its very comfy and I do think its flattering, but I'm not sure about the GIANT collar.  Yes, the collar looks big on the pattern envelope, but we all know not to trust those illustrators too much!  Maybe next time I will modify the pattern to have set in sleeves and a smaller collar.  But until then, here is the version I made on the weekend:

Look how big that collar is!

I do have to confess and say that I did not do one single piece of hand sewing on this blouse.  Its all by machine.  Normally I would have hand-stitched the collar down after ironing the seam up, but I just couldnt be bothered, I just wanted to finish it.  However, the finish on it is pretty good - each seam is finished with a clean edge (this reminds me, I should do a post on my favourite seam finishing techniques...) and each hem is folded twice so there are no loose nasty bits to fray.  I did make it to last more than one wash!

But what does everyone think?  I kinda like it, but bizarrely I feel very top heavy when wearing it, like all the blousey fabric makes my top half look much bigger than my bottom half, like the Incredible Hulk!  Maybe its just the collar...  I don't know.  Its comfy, and it has sleeves, and thats what counts in winter!

Oh, and here's a picture of the horse - it won by the way!



  1. Omg you look so great! I think you could def modify the collar a bit, otherwise it looks so pretty and comfy! You did a great job!! xox

    1. Thanks Bunny :) I've got one more cut out in pink gingham and I think I will do just that!

  2. Heheh that collar is big indeed! I do like it though :-) Do you think evening out the big collar with a full skirt would help balance the look? Or it might just be too much fabric?
    I agree about the set in sleeves too. Kimono sleeves can get all bunchy.

    1. I think with a full skirt I would feel swamped by fabric and tulle! I would probably balance out the collar though, you are right :)

  3. So pretty! The collar is pretty huge but I like it. I love the red polka dot version on the pattern envelope.

    1. I do too! and I also like the short sleeve version with the cuffs - I might make my next version with short sleeves...