Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pressure Makes Diamonds...

... but will it make me better at time management?

I have so many projects on my mind at the moment, and every time I turn around I get more inspiration!  Does anyone else have this problem?  I either need to shut my eyes permanently, or find a better way to prioritise.

Currently I'd like to make:

Two blouses to wear with my capri pants
On one of my frequent wanders through the time and money trap that is etsy, I found this pattern:

The seller wanted $45 for it (Wha?) so I did a search on ebay and found the exact same pattern IN MY SIZE for $11!  Bargain.  I think that because it has sleeves it would be a wonderful blouse for winter.  I've cut out two and I'm part way through sewing one.

A fabulous house coat
So after my favourite blogger posted about an opera coat he had made his 'cousin' Cathy, I had a look through the available patterns on etsy and found this amazing coat:

Its a house coat, but I think that if it makes up nicely, it would make a fabulous over-coat.  For warmth, I've decided to line it in soft, warm minkie fabric.  And wouldn't you know it, I didn't buy enough to cut out the sleeves!  So this one is currently all cut out (apart from the warm sleeves) and its on the floor of my sewing room until I can find more of the same fabric or come up with another solution.  Sigh!

A pair of high-waisted jeans that cover my ankles
Its winter here in Australia, and I don't want to go through another winter without a pair of pants that cover my ankles.  They are cold!  And try as I might, I can't find a pair of pants ANYWHERE that are what I want.  So I decided to make my own and bought some dark denim with a little bit of stretch.  I haven't started cutting these out... which is a good thing - because I'm running out of floor space to lay stuff...

A sexy wiggle dress and matching jacket
This one is only just a folded length of fabric and an idea at this stage - but its awesome fabric!  Its got some stretch, and the little rectangles are shiny... it kind of feels a bit like rubber but I like it.

I found it on Gorgeous Fabrics when I was buying the stretch denim, and I think it will be super sexy when I EVENTUALLY get around to creating it!  Maybe something like this:

A '12 months later' revisit of the jacket that got me started on this sewing thing
Remember this coat, which I blogged about here and here:

Well I thought it would be fun to remake the coat to see how far I've come and how much I've learnt with my sewing in 12 months, because in a couple of weeks it will be 12 months since I started sewing it.  I've bought some amazing red wool and a black and white swirly lining.  And I really need to start this SOON!

A pencil skirt
I'm sure this sounds straight forward - I mean how hard can a pencil skirt be!  Well add my creative, dreaming brain into it and you end up with a fabulous creation, yes, but the process isn't straight-forward.

On the weekend my wonderful man surprised me by buying me this coat:

Isn't it divine!  And that colour!!  Its just like wearing a cute blanket!

So I have some of this fabric left over from a dress, a jacket, and a circle skirt:

Its much less pink in person, and Yes there is still some left, I can't believe it either!

I think its a great match for the coat, and the coat is worthy of having an outfit made around it, so I'm going to make a sexy pencil skirt from my own pattern.  This of course leads to:

A sexitary blouse to go with the pencil skirt
And of course this isn't straight forward either.  I want to make the blouse from this pattern:

And combine it with the sleeves from this pattern, cause the blouse above doesn't have sleeves:

And finally:

The Paris Dress
A little while ago I was in Spotlight and I saw this fabric and fell in love.  I tried to talk myself out of it but I knew I had to have it:

And I knew it needed a special vintage pattern, so I went home and looked on etsy (again) and decided on this one:

Quite frankly the Paris Dress can wait until the weather warms up - its too cold to be getting around in dresses at the moment... unless I make a matching coat.....

I have all this sewing I want to do and I only have one day a week to sew, one and a half tops.  So you can see why I feel pressured!  I need to find a way to prioritise, but I want to sew them all NOW!  Maybe I need to flip coins to organise the order in which I sew them, and then put them in order on the pin board and add new inspirations to the end of the queue....

Does anyone out there have a way to deal with this???



  1. Oh my sewing wish list is sooo long, but here's my advice: Enjoy the journey. Someone in Threads wrote something along these lines:"Why are you in a hurry to finish your sewing project? Once you're done, you'll just be starting the next one. Take your time and enjoy.

    Changed my sewing life! Now I take my time and try to enjoy the process (except for the tedium that is fusing interfacing. I still hate that!)

    1. You're exactly right :) I think if I can make a list of all that I want to do I will relax a bit about it. Maybe I'm just worried I will forget something! I'm going to put your quote on the top of my To Do List board!

  2. I am exactly the same as you! And my list is very similar to yours - including the coat without enough fabric for sleeves! I don't even think it will be finished by the end of winter, and every time I go out in my current RTW grey coat I feel so BORING because my bright green one isn't finished.
    Also on the list is pencil skirt(s) and blouses to match.
    About 4 more 40's dresses - all with fabric and patterns planned out.
    My 40's trench coat in burgundy gab.
    A slip or two in voile and something slinky.
    A housecoat - pattern is ready for that but I've been searching high and low for some quirky and affordable flannelette.
    And I'd really like to make my boyfriend something - a nice shirt! I've seen so many great ones on the sewing blogosphere!

    I understand that there's no need to hurry - but I don't have much time for sewing either - about the same as you (again!)....It would be so nice to have more days to dedicate to sewing. I wish I could afford to only have a part time job! Then I might even have time to draw too.

    1. I'd love to only work 4 days a week! But I think that I still wouldn't get through all my sewing :(

      And how hilarious that we have similar sewing lists!

  3. I love your coat and I think revisiting it a year later to see what you have learned is a really fab idea! I am pretty tempted to revisit my first vintage pattern too!

    1. You should! I'm really curious to see just how much better I've gotten!