Friday, July 20, 2012

I wish I could read spanish!

Last weekend I went to visit my bestie, Miss V, and she had with her a family treasure.  She was really excited to show me, she knew I would love it and she was right!

The family treasure was this:

The Practical Art - Complete Method of Dressmaking
(or something like that!)

Now I can't read spanish, but my Miss V can - this book has been in her family for quite a while and her Aunt won't let it out of her sight for long.  But she's let it of her sight long enough for me to see it and for Miss V to photocopy the whole thing for me!  It doesn't have a date on it, but from the illustrations I think its from the 1940s.  Wait till you see what was inside!

The book starts out with how to do your measurements to make patterns, and then basic pattern pieces (blouse front and backs, skirts etc):

And then moves onto variations - and there are A LOT of variations!

A beautiful wrap skirt

A gorgeous ruffle front on a pencil style skirt

Some of the blouses were amazing:

See the illustration on the right showing you how to make your pattern piece

Look at all these collars!  I love the one on the bottom left

And these sleeves!  There were two pages of sleeve variations

And then it covered different types of capes - this was my favourite one:

I love the way it ties from the centre back around the waist!

After that it went onto more complex and difficult things like:

Wedding gowns...


Playsuits and shorts...

Girdles!!  (I was so excited by this page - you have no idea!)...

 AND BRAS!!!!!!!

Then it went on to cover mens wear, kids clothing and baby clothing.  I didn't take photos of them because I was so excited I had to have a lie down!

The fabulous thing about this book is its diagrams.  They are clear and I can understand what they are saying regardless of the fact that I can't speak spanish.  I'm looking forward to getting my photocopied copy and having some time to have a play with the designs!

Oh, and I've also googled this book and the author, hoping I could come up with my own copy but I have yet to find it... cross your fingers for me!

Does your family have any treasures like this, that to most people is junk, but to people like me is a gold mine???



  1. Wow! Bunny was right, these images are to die for! Great post! I love finding vintage treasures in other languages <3

    1. A vintage treasure is a vintage treasure, regardless of whether you can read it or not :)

  2. Omg Beccie its gorgeous! Wow what a treasure!!! xox

  3. Alex in CaliforniaAugust 9, 2012 at 5:43 AM

    Get a Spanish to English dictionary.

    1. Hi Alex - yes I suppose I could do that couldn't I! But the wonderful thing about this book is that I can read the illustrations, so the language that its written in almost doesn't matter!