Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Pattern Illustrators, I have a bone to pick with you!

First up, I love vintage pattern illustrations.  All the women look so glamorous and beautiful and slim, with perfect posture.  They look the way I want to look.

Look at the posture of the woman on the left - perfect!

And how impossibly slim is the woman on the right - but oh how glamorous!!!

But I have a bone to pick with you 1950s Pattern Illustrators - YOU LIE!!!  Don't get me wrong, I understand that these clothes won't instantly make me thinner, taller, and more glamorous, but I expect that the piece of clothing I make from the pattern you illustrated will at least look like the picture you drew!

Here is my case in point.  Just recently I decided to make a few blouses from a very simple 1950s pattern I had - this one:

I made View 1 (the bottom two illustrations).  Now you would think that from the illustration I would have a blouse with an elegantly low, sweeping neckline... NO!  To get the low sweeping neckline I had to cut it two inches lower AND make a new facing.  Now I wouldn't be so irritated if I hadn't already cut out the blouse four times from four different fabrics...sigh!  Not difficult to fix, but annoying.

Apart from this issue, the pattern makes a really lovely, simple and easy to make blouse:

See look how adorable this blouse is!  It was worth all the annoyance.

The low sweeping back is as per the pattern envelope - they just got the front wrong
(By the way, how cute does my butt look in these Bernie Dexter jeans!)

I have now made this blouse in cute apple fabric, as above (which I adore), a dark aqua and white polka dot fabric (which you havent seen yet but you will), lovely lilac fabric, and boring-but-useful black fabric.  And whilst sewing the same thing a few times is useful, its oh so boring - so bring on the next challenge I say!!!



  1. Ah! Its a really great blouse! I find that particular era of Simplicity terrible for being oversized and generally really different to their illustrations. Like what I'm making now.
    Anyways - yours turned out awesome. :-D

    1. Thanks Kitty :)
      I don't trust sizes on pattern envelopes any more - I ALWAYS get my tape measure out and measure the size of the bust, waist and hips on the pattern pieces... the amount of ease in some of them is crazy!

  2. I am actually having this exact problem on a vintage pattern I am putting together right now. No wonder I just make my own patterns, lol. It would have been quicker and less fuss if I had just made my own from scratch like I normally do!

  3. Who makes this apple fabric?

    1. I bought it from Spotlight (which is a fabric store in Australia) and they still have some of it, I saw it the other day. I've still got a length of it at home and I will TRY to remember to have a look at it for you :)

  4. Thanks, I'm willing to buy it off of you if it's at least a yard.

    1. Unfortunatley I want to keep it because I have another project in mind, but I can maybe get you some more if they have any stock of it - why don't you send me an email and we'll see what we can work out :)