Thursday, May 24, 2012

A skirt making FRENZY!

Wow, have I made a lot of skirts recently!  Well, I've made four... and I've got one more to go.

Last weekend I was fortunate to find myself with a willing assistant (my step-daughter Miss Livy) to take photos, which means I'm able to show you two of the skirts I've made.

First up is this delightful dusty pink floral skirt, which is perfect for wearing whilst drinking tea:


 "No Stella, the cup of tea is not for you!"

The fabric is quite a heavy woven cotton, so its a good weight for winter.  Plus its a pretty colour.  I like wearing it with blue to bring out the blue hydrangea in the print, but it also looks lovely with pink.

Right!  The next skirt I made is with the most awesome cotton fabric EVER!

Thats right - apples!  And its so bright and cheery, it makes me want to dance:

But you can't see the skirt very well in that one, so here is a more normal pose:

I have one more skirt to make - its boring (but servicable) black.  But I'm going to turn it up a notch by putting in POCKETS!  And this weekend I'm getting two days of sewing (thanks to the Steve being otherwise entertained), so I'm pretty sure I'll get the skirt done, and some other blouses, and maybe some more cutting out...

Have a great week - what's left of it!


Dusty Pink Skirt:
Fabric : Heavy woven cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics
Cardigan : Vintage (yes, the buttons have to go)
Singlet : Target, several years ago
Shoes : Payless Shoes - cheap and cheerful!
Petticoat : Spindance Australia (best ever!)

Apple Skirt:
Fabric : Cotton from Spotlight
Headscarf : Vintage from Etsy
Earrings : Vintage from Etsy
Cardigan : Alannah Hill (sigh! I love Alannah Hill)
Belt : That Shop
Shoes : Toni Bianco from Wanted Shoes
Petticoat : Spindance Australia


  1. Great work! Are they both full-circle?

    1. Hi Fiona - they are a six gored skirt, so pretty full but not a complete circle. I use my favourite 1950s dress pattern and just make the skirt bit. I love how you can be so creative even with a pattern :)

  2. Wow, your style is so awesome :-D Both outfits are really neat - just love those prints :-D

    1. Thanks Kitty :) I love prints too - especially unusual ones!