Friday, May 11, 2012

Hooray! I've sewn something!!

With all that's been going on in my life recently (my birthday, getting married, going on a honeymoon, going on another honeymoon) I haven't had much time to sew.  Until last weekend that is!


For those of you that don't know, I'm thoroughly besotted by lilac at the moment... it seems like every other thing I buy is lilac.  Lilac necklace, head scarf, shoes, fabric... I'm eyeing off a vintage bag, and a vintage coat.  So it seemed only fitting that the first thing I sew is a lovely gathered lilac skirt.

I used a dress patteren that I've made before, but just cut the skirt pieces out, then cut out the belt pattern piece from the same pattern to make the waistband.  That gave me a nice cross over end bit for the button:

Unfortunately its a fraction large, but because I did the buttonhole horizontal that gives me a bit of play, so I'm going to add some hook and eye's to secure it at its tightest point.

And now I have something to match perfectly with my amazing lilac plastic shoes!!!

Yes, they are plastic, and they smell like a My Little Pony!

I also 60% sewed another skirt, which I will (fingers crossed) finish this weekend.  Its from a beautiful dusty pink floral that I had left over from when I sewed a dress last year.  And I think skirts are great for winter, so I'm making a few at the moment...  I currently have the following things I would like to sew:
  • the floral skirt that I started last weekend
  • another skirt from a fabulous apple print fabric I found
  • another skirt from teal and white polka dot fabric that matches a vintage head scarf I own
  • another skirt - servicable black this time
  • a lilac dress (which I have half cut out)
  • a blouse from a lilac floral print cotton; and
  • a magnificent house coat from pinwale cord, which I'm going to line in that fab soft minkie fabric
I think I'm going to be very busy sewing for the next little while... Hooray!!

Also (because I don't have enough to do) I bought this vintage duchess / dresser to restore:

Now I bought this for the princely sum of $32.50  It even has the tri-fold scalloped super tall mirror with it.  Total bargain!  Especially when you consider the handles:

So I'm going to sand it back and paint it cream, and then put some funky 1950s style accents on it to update it but still keep it vintage.  Keep your eye out for a future post on this one!

Anyway, I have a lot of sewing to do - so I better get going!



  1. Ooh! I want shoes that smell like my little pony and your skirt is marvelous!

  2. They are fabulous! And soo comfy too - much more than I expected actually!!

  3. A fellow Aussie!! Love the skirt - that's such a pretty shade of lilac. Totally envious of your awesome shoes too - Melissas are great :-) I've been hunting the Lady Dragon Ball ones for ages but they only rarely show up on eBay these days.
    Anyways - Yay to a new blog - I shall be following!

  4. Welcom KittyMeow! Its lovely to find other Aussies blogging... most of the people I follow are in the US.