Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Oh yes I did!!!

But of course I had nothing to wear them with...   They are far too decorative to wear with patterns, and I don't have a lot of plains...  So I put my thinking cap on and headed to Spotlight, and came back with this:

Some candy pink cotton, a zipper, and some gold lame bias tape

My idea was to make a bodice with a deep, rounded V, and attach a peter pan style collar.  The bias will be piping around the edge of the collar, and around the waist.  The skirt would be full-ish and pleated.

So I set about drafting up a pattern and cutting fabric:

The bodice is based on a blouse pattern that I've used a thousand times before, and that I know fits like a glove.  I just changed the neckline and drew up the pieces for the collar based on the new neckline.  Easy.

Piping around the collar was going to be the challenging bit, so I sewed the collar pieces together so I had two top collar pieces, and two under collar pieces.  Then I carefully made up the lame piping (cause that stuff is shifty as hell!) and pinned it to the top collar piece so it was 5/8" from the edge:

Looks like way too far in doesn't it!

But its not honest!

Anyway, I pinned the under collar piece to the top collar piece, and stitched around where the piping was, then I clipped and trimmed the seam allowance and turned it through and ironed it.

And I forgot to take a photo...

But here they are attached to the bodice!

Isn't it pretty!  And I was really happy with how neat the piping was!!

I also made some bias from the same fabric, and used it to finish the armholes:

And that was the bodice finished!  And it was time to pleat the skirt... ugh.  Sometimes I can't decide if gathering or pleating is worse....  anyway!

I've found a new DVD series for to recommend!  It was recommended to me by Sara from Lillies & Remains, and its fabulous!  Dancing on the Edge is a British TV drama about an all black jazz band in London in the early 1930s.  Brilliantly written and acted, with great sets and costuming.  A must see in my book for those of you that like this kind of thing.

Anyway, I got the skirt all pleated and sewn to the dress, and promptly forgot to take a photo of it on my headless helper.


Good thing I had an opportunity to wear it the other day!

And oh yeah!  I had 10"+ cut off my hair!  I know I mentioned it on Facebook, but I'm pretty sure I forgot to say anything on my blog.  I love it - and I haven't regretted it once!  And since these photos were taken, I've got a better handle on setting it, so it looks much better.

Gratuitous Shoe Photo!!!
Aren't they completely mental!!!

So yeah - this was a pretty quick sew all things considered!  I pushed to get it finished so I could wear it to a friend's birthday party, but it rained that day, and there was noooooo way these shoes were going out in the rain.

So does anyone else have an Irregular Choice shoe addiction???  I have six or seven pairs, but they keep bringing out new ones that I want....



  1. Lovely frock and hair! I have 20+ pairs of IC.....love love love them! x

  2. Ahh I was looking at these online the other day with a friend, and we were loving them, but also wondering - what are they like to walk in? Review, please please??

    (Also, love the dress! :-) )

  3. Just fabulous Ms Beccie, completely Fabulous. You are so clever!

  4. The shoes are to-die-for, and you look amazing as ever! And how quick this dress was made - perfect! I love the shoes, as I have a soft spot for all things unicorn, elves, fairies...

  5. And they are nothing short of flat out sublime!!! (Much like your beautiful dress, too!)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I adore those shoes, but DAMN THAT DRESS IS GORGEOUS!

  7. Oh Beccie! The shoes and dress are amazing!!!! I love how you did the collar too :)

  8. The collar is lovely - as is your new hairstyle! Very glam.

  9. 1) You are amazing
    2) Piping is amazing
    3) That dress is amazing

  10. Wow! You're piping is so neat and the gold compliments the pink perfectly. I'm insanely jealous of your sewing skills :)

  11. HO...LY MO...LY! There is nothing but awesome here! Well done to you!

  12. Gosh,mega envious of your shoes!!! Love this post 'cause... Everything! Your hair looks fabulous and your dress is well,like all your dresses.Perfect :-)

  13. thank you so much for telling us about that shop, I've been wondering where the bunny shoes are from! ps I just found your blog & I love it! ps2 you're a great sewer! :)

    xo Matilda