Thursday, April 3, 2014

I have Inspir-itis.

Do you think there is a way to stop inspiration?  Cause sometimes I'd really like to find a way to make it stop, just for long enough for me to get all the other projects I have planned done...  Does anyone else suffer from this disease?  I think I'm going to call it Inspir-itis.

These are the top three things that are currently dominating my sewing head space.

The Cocktail Dress
A while ago I purchased 7 yards of this ahhhmazing vintage rayon fabric:

and I hadn't seen the perfect pattern until I found this one:

version 2, on the right

ISN'T IT PERFECT!!!!  I can't even believe how perfect it is... AAAAAAAND I already have a coat that will match it.  This one that I made last year.

The Fur Collar Suit
So if you haven't noticed, I have this thing where I get inspired by a bag or a pair of shoes or something, and create a whole outfit around that one thing.  This suit has been planned around one thing - a vintage fur collar:

First of all I looked or the most suitable wool fabric and lining to go with the collar (happily, Gorgeous Fabrics was having a sale) and I found this gorgeous bright olive wool and a paler green rayon lining:

Trust me, that lining fabric is green...

And then I had to find a pattern that would work with the rounded collar.  It took a bit to find the perfect one, but then I chanced upon this one:

The one on the right, not the ice-skating outfit on the left...

Perfect!  I've even decided I'm going to do self covered buttons on the suit jacket, cause I think that would look wonderful.  Gorgeous Fabrics did send me some buttons when they sent the fabric, so you never know... I might change my mind...

And finally there is...

The Vintage Dressmakers Box Suit
Remember this post about this amazing thing I purchased on New Year's Day?

You'd think that since this box contained everything I needed, that I wouldn't need to buy anything... but I found an amazing hat:

And I also have a fabulous coat that I made last year that will match perfectly (this one).

I've been trying to puzzle through which project to do first, and I think I've finally made a decision.  I'm going to make the Cocktail Dress.  Its only just autumn here, and its still quite warm, so I would get a bit of wear out of a dress.  Its which suit to make first that is the real dilemma!!!  I think Stella might have to make the decision for me...

I haven't even finished the Raspberry Darling suit yet.  Sewing has been a little slow around here since my depression diagnosis, but I think I'm starting to get a handle on the whole situation now so I'm hoping I will be a little more productive, and get the suit finished this weekend.  I'm also in the middle of a very important commission that must be ready to post off this weekend, with another one to follow, so I really NEEEEEED to be more productive.

And with the increased productivity, I hope my blogging can get back to being a bit more regular too.  I've dropped the ball a bit over the last little while, but I'm still here!

So.  Anyone else out there suffer from Inspir-itis?  Any ideas for dealing with it?



  1. I have a sewing closet full of it! My strategy has been to not buy more fabric until I start to clear it out. I've only broken my rule a couple of times so far...

  2. Oh yes I totally know the feeling of Inspir-itis! My problem is that I have a fulltime job and an apartment and a garden to care for, and that I'm going to be married in July (and have to organize everything all by myself because my future husband even has to work a lit more than me)... so time is rare... I try to write down my ideas because my other problem is called Alzheimer :)))

    I think you should let come the ideas and shouldn't try to stop them. You will find the time for those which are most important to you I'm sure.


    1. This sound so like me... I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  3. To many ideas and never enough time. Just roll with it and have fun:)

  4. yep. Like Sharine says, just role with it. The more inspiration you allow, the more enjoyable the creation process is.

  5. Beccie. If you ever decide that you have tooo much inspiration, to much inspiring fabrics and to little time - I am always glad to help. Just send me that fabric with cocktail glasses. :-)
    No, honestly, I have piles of fabric, piles of patterns, and not enough time with the kids, the house, the garden and other stuff. So I absolutely understand. But reading your post isn't helpful either, as it provides even more inspiration....