Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Raspberry Darling Suit - I am getting there!

This suit project is coming along well, even if it is coming along slowly!  It doesn't help that I put it down to do other emergency projects, and commissions for other people... but anyway!

The outside of the suit jacket now looks like this!

You can see that the inside hasn't been finished because the sleeve cuffs are hanging out... but I needed to secure the bows and the buttons before I put the lining in.  To me, it was kind of like icing a cake before putting it in the oven.

But before I moved on to the lining I also needed to do a bit of hand sewing - mainly the hem of the jacket, and around the neck.

On to the lining!

I pulled out the gorgeous raspberry satin and cut out all the necessary pieces and sewed it together with my trusty sewing machine.  Due to past experiences, I expected this to be a headache, but it wasn't!  Either my skills have improved, or I found a magical satin that isn't a total b-word. haha!

Obviously there is a little bit more trimming down to be done here but the colour... I just love it!

I put the jacket outer on my headless helper inside out, and trimmed and pinned the lining in place, in preparation for hand sewing it in.  Yes, there is A LOT of hand sewing in this project!!!

You can see that I left the pleated bits below the bows unlined.  There might have been a better way to treat this section, but I think this works ok.

By the way, how fabulous are these colours together!

Anyway, I better get back to the hand sewing!  Then I need to make the skirt.



  1. Its looking SO amazing! I just love how much care youve taken with it.
    And putting the lining in by hand gives me the confidence to also try the same thing when I next need to line something. I usually avoid linings!

    Cannot wait to see this finished!! The skirt is going to be dead easy too so you're doing the hard part first.

    1. Hand sewing things always gives you more control. It takes more time, but with something like this I really think its worth it :) And yes, the skirt is dead easy (hooray!!)

  2. It's looking really good! Don't you just hate when life gets in the way of a project?!

    1. Oh I sure do! On sewing days when I'm buried in sewing goodness I really hate being interrupted!!!