Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sew Retro Rose on HOLIDAYS!

Hi everyone!!!

So from right now I'm on a much anticipated holiday to the US.  I have been planning and saving and getting excited about this trip for months now!  First stop is New York...

I'm spending my first 5 days in New York on my own, meeting up with a couple of people that I have met online (one of them being Daffny from A Vintage Nerd!) and doing things like seeing my favourite musical on Broadway!

Then the girls who are on the Vintage Shopping Tour with me arrive, and I will spend 10 days touring and shopping in New York and Massachusetts with them.  Thank fully I'm taking an empty suitcase with me..... cause I think I'll need one!

On my final day in New York I am meeting up with Peter from Male Pattern Boldness.  Peter would have to be my favourite sewing blogger, and I am SO EXCITED to get to meet him and go shopping in the garment district with him!!!!  FABRIC SHOPPING!!!!!

Then I fly to Portland, Oregon...

Now, if I was excited about the rest of the trip, I am ECSTATIC about this part!

I will be spending 5 days with Julie from FabGabs Vintage (hands down my favourite online vintage store - I swear, half my wardrobe is from Julie!), and meeting up with Sara from Lilies and Remains (oh my god I love this girl's style!) and Jesse from Brighter Bakelite (bakelite...need I say more?).  I have heard so much about Portland, and I'm really excited to explore it with locals in the vintage scene.

I may need this to bring my luggage home...

You think I'm joking, don't you...

If anyone sees me and recognises me PLEASE come and say hi!  I would love to meet any and all of you!!

I will be back home on the 11th of September, and I will be doing a few posts to catch you up on my adventures in the following couple of weeks.  I'm pretty sure you are all going to want to see what I got up to!  But if you can't wait that long, I will be posting on my Sew Retro Rose Facebook page, and on my personal Instagram page (my username is @beccieleathley) while I'm on holidays, so please come and follow me!

See you all soon!!!



  1. OMG! Peter, New York AND Portland? I'm tempted to head south to Portland just to run into you.
    I've always wanted to go here:

    1. Oh I am going to Xtabay... with bells on!
      And it pretty much is an amazing adventure where I am doing all these things I've dreamed of doing for ages!!!

    2. Please let us all know if it's as amazing as I imagine it to be! Safe travels Beccie!
      Angela W.

  2. I need to comment on that bottom pic..... it's a modern TV in the background yet all the suitcases are vintage. Did they clean out some old airport storage room? Do you know? And why stack them that high? I NEED to know!

    1. There is also a luggage conveyor in front of that TV... so I have no idea whats going on but it is potentially an airport.... But I'm sorry I can't shed any light on it - I just found it on the interwebs and thought it would perfectly show what I was trying to illustrate. Lets just make up a story...

    2. Looks like a piece of art in Sacramento International Airport.

  3. Wow, you are coming to my hometown, NYC! How exciting. I live north of there now (Hudson Valley) but do pop in for a visit to the garment district for a fabric and notions fix from time to time. Have a wonderful time!

  4. WOW!!! Why did I not know you do not live here? How cool. Well, welcome to these United States Beccie! I pray your time is lovely, memorable, and that you get to meet and greet many of your fine readers.

    Hey, regarding your bio, "You can find me any day of the week (except Sunday) dressed in true vintage, or reproduction vintage complete with hair, makeup, false eyelashes . . . "

    How oh how did you get the lashes down pat? I am a new lover of them and always seem to get one right and the other wonky. Helllp.

    Lyric from the U.S. :)