Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Special Side Project

So I can't remember if I've told you all about my upcoming holiday!  I know that I've mentioned it when I made all those skirts and blouses, but I'm not sure if I've gone into detail...

On the 23rd of this month I've off to New York!  I'll be spending the first 5 days on my own, then the Vintage Shopping Tour arrives.  This tour is run by the same lady that I went to LA with last year, and a lot of those girls are on this trip too!  So its 8 days of girlie fun and shopping, and then I fly to Portland for five days to meet some internet friends for the first time and do some more shopping and adventuring.

Its going to be the most amazing holiday!

On my first few days in New York I'm meeting up with a couple of other internet friends, one of whom is Daffny from A Vintage Nerd!  We've been talking online for about three years now, so it will be lovely to meet her in person.

Here she is with her three kids on Mother's Day!
That's Rosa on the left, and Micha and Bastian on the right
and her husband Andreas is behind the lens.

Honestly, aren't they adorable!  On my first day in New York, Daffny is bringing her entire family to meet me for a breakfast picnic in Central Park, and a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art!  Doesn't that sound divine!!!

I have decided to bring gifts for the kids all the way from Australia.  I know Daffny has been talking a lot about my visit, so the littlies know how far I'm coming to meet them, and who wouldn't love a gift from the other side of the world! 

To carry the gifts I decided to make awesome draw string bags that the kids can use for whatever they want!  I googled a tutorial and found this one that sounded simple.

I went and purchased some fabulous fabric with Australian animals on it (in a blue colour way and a yellow colour way), some grosgrain ribbon, and some iron on letters that spelt their names.  I cut the fabric to 20" squares and went at it.

First job was to make name plates and attach them to one piece of each bag.  I measured how long each string of letters was and did some calculations about how big the rectangles would need to be.  I planned to iron a hem, and use my webbing glue to attach the rectangle to the bag piece, and sew around the edge.

I ironed the hems on all the rectangles...

...and then I ironed them on to the bag piece 2 1/2 inches from each side.

Then I carefully stitched close to the edge of the rectangle with matching thread.

Then I started the construction of the bags using french seams.  I wanted to give the bags as much longevity as possible.

Then I constructed the case at the top for the drawstring.

Then I did the bit I'd been waiting for the whole time!  Ironing on the letters!!!

With Miss Stella's help (and the help of a big safety pin) I threaded the grosgrain ribbon through the casings.

Goodness she needs a hair cut!!!

And then I was able to fill the bags with the wonderful presents I had purchased for them.  And now I'm even more excited to give them their gifts!!!

I think this might be my first sewing project that isn't a piece of clothing!  And I really enjoyed sewing them, and can't wait to give them to the children!!

Has anyone else made anything similar.



  1. First time commenter, but I've been enjoying your style for some time. You're coming to Portland! I'd love to know what you're going to visit while you're in my city.

    And I just love that fabric with the Aussie animals in to search for some online!

    1. Hi Nancy! I really don't have any plans locked in for my time in Portland. I am staying with a friend who's a local and will be meeting up with some other locals that I've gotten to know via the internet (isn't it magical!!!) If you see me somewhere, please come and say hi!!! xxx

  2. You'll be in Portland- Thats not far from me in Seattle! I know you'll love it up here, and hope you have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks Tili! I've been told I have to get to Seattle one day too - so who knows what my next trip might hold!

  3. So much more special than wrapping paper. It's super fun to make these and an excuse to buy a little of the most outrageous fabrics!Grown ups love them too :-)

    1. Actually Amber, now that you mention it... I do need to make one more.... :)

  4. Those are fantastic! I love the fabric and the letters are adorable! :D

    I have made something similar, though definitely not as classy and well-made as your bags. I make Halloween treat bags out of fabric scraps. They're fun to make, and kids love them.

    1. It would be a great way to use up the small pieces of fabric I can't bear to part with.... good idea!

  5. Those are awesome - the kids will love the personalized treats. Very throughtful! The letters are really a really cool design too - good find! Have a wonderful trip :)