Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finished Outfits + GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!

I'm so sorry that the announcement of the winner was delayed by a day.  I have been sick for the last two days, but I'm better now so lets do this!

There was only one person that guessed the correct combination.  Which has made me feel like a hard task-master.  So to make me feel better I decided to have a second chance draw for everyone else who entered!  Hooray!!

First up, a reminder of the prize (and a photo, since I didn't actually post a photo of it in my earlier post).

The winner will get the border print fabric, zipper and thread to make their own skirt, and the fabric, thread, bias, vintage buttons and a copy of my pattern to make their own blouse.

So the person who put the blouses and skirts together as I intended them was Jacqui!!!  Well done honey, please send me an email at sewretrorose(at) and I'll organise to post you your prize!

Now for the second chance draw.  There were 26 of you who entered, so I got out my numbered ping-pong balls again.

And I think Stella has worked out what it means, because she got quite excited!  We had to do the draw inside, because it was raining outside.  No problem!

I threw the balls on the floor and let Stella make her choice.

The photo is a bit blurry with all the excitement...

And she picked number 15.

And that number belongs to Girliefrank!  Yay honey - this is what you've won!

A vintage pattern (34" bust) and some vintage buttons on their original card!

Please send me an email at sewretrorose(at) and I'll organise to get it in the post to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered!!!  Now I suppose you'd like to see the finished outfits!  I am still working on the skirts, so they have pins in the waistband and the second row of gathers hasn't been removed yet.... but you get the idea!

This blouse refuses to photograph as hot pink.  It is the same colour as the rose on the skirt (that you can't see in this photo)

I'm really happy with the way they came out and I'm going to look so cute and comfortable on holidays!



  1. Yes, you are going to look beautiful on holiday! I don't even mind not winning, because it was fun to play and to see the finished outfits. Won't you please post a few vacation pics of you in the outfits once you have them?

  2. Woot! I won the runner up prize!!! Thanks.

  3. Complete awe :-). You are the total sewing goddess,I swear...