Friday, February 21, 2014

WINNER ANNOUNCED! Valentines Day Giveaway

Before I get things rolling I just want to say how blown away I was by the response to this giveaway.  I had 49 entries - 49 of you put aside your issues and focused on what you love about yourselves, even if it was just for that short time that it took to write a comment.  Thank you.  I hope that in doing this little thing you got one step closer to loving yourself for who you are.

So now for the fun bit!

The first step in drawing these giveaways is to get the equipment ready.  I dug out the numbered ping pong balls and counted them into the usual bucket.

Then I checked with Miss Stella to see if she was ready.

She was - can you tell?

Then I threw all the balls on the grass and waited the very short time it took for her to choose her winner.

She chose number 36.

No you can't have it!!!

And that number belonged to:


Congratulations honey!  Please send me an email at sewretrorose(at) and if you get it to me fast enough I can get your goodies in the mail to you today!

I'm sorry that I couldn't give a prize to all of you, because you all deserve one.  Thank you again for making this so successful.  Keep loving yourselves, and I promise I will too.



  1. You know what Beccie, I think those pics of Miss Stella *are* our prize!

    Congrats LizardTears :)

  2. Oh what a fabulous way to draw a winner! That made me smile lots. :-)

  3. I actually adore how you chose the winner as much as how you hosted the giveaway. I'll have to remember that and do it with my Daisy sometime.

  4. oh Wow! so excited! can't wait to get sewing! thanks Beccie!