Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day GIVEAWAY!

Yes, I said GIVEAWAY!  But some serious stuff first.

I think there is too much focus on Valentines Day on loving someone else, and not enough on loving you.

I have a tendency to give myself a hard time about the smallest things.  This week I have been struggling with negative self-talk, and had myself convinced that I would be a failure at the venture I am planning.  I even convinced myself that my sewing skills aren't good enough for me to have this blog and the associated facebook page.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this kind of thing, I'm willing to bet that most of you also have a problem loving yourselves.  I have a saying stuck to my computer screen, and I try and stick by this:

Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't.
Start loving yourself for everything that you are.

I think this Valentines Day we should concentrate on loving ourselves, and being kind to ourselves.

But enough of the serious stuff - lets get to the giveaway!

To show my love an appreciation for all of you, for your kind words and support, I want to giveaway a dress kit.  Yes, everything you need to make this dress:

You will get:
- the pattern
-the red polka dot fabric for the dress
- white fabric to make the trim on the bodice
- red fabric for the jacket
- zipper, thread, and bias tape

And I'm not going to make you jump through hoops to get it!  All I want you to do is comment on this post and tell me one thing you love about yourself.  Miss Stella will draw the winner next Thursday the 20th of February after 5pm (thats Australian time by the way), and I'll announce the winner here on Friday the 21st.

I'll start:

I love the way that I love a challenge and I won't quit.  Doesn't matter if its sewing, or at the gym, or whatever.  Give me a task and I will fight through all kinds of obstacles until its done.  I love my determination.

So comment away!  What do you love about you?



  1. if I say im going to do something,i do! I am not a gunna.I also love that I had 6 beautiful children,i love that I was able to do that. <3 katherine

  2. I love how strong I am mentally
    Through the last couple of years I've been living with depression and suicidal ideation while completing a diploma in community service work and not once did I give up. It's just not me to give up on something I love. And that strength is the reason why I'm going to start sewing - I have a beautiful machine and a family background in sewing so this is going to happen. I would LOVE some tips also xx Happy Valentines Day beautiful x

    1. Whitney you will love sewing. I think its good for the soul...well its good for my soul :) And I'm happy to help out any way I can :)

  3. Well said Dear! I think it is so very true that so many of us hold our selves to ridiculous standards that we would never impose on anyone else we love. Thanks for the reminder to love myself, too!

    I love my stubbornness. I love that I can recognize the trait in past generations of strong women in my family. I love that it pushes me through major challenges. I love what it has helped me to accomplish. And I love that I'm getting better and better at recognizing the difference between helpful-stubborn and stubborn-for-the-sake-of-stubborn because the former is much more helpful than the latter!

  4. I love my creativity. I love that if I set my mind to doing something, that I can often surprise myself with how well that thing will turn out.

    And I should stop playing it down when I receive compliments.
    Yes I am clever. No I didn't just 'whip it up', I actually put a fair amount of thought and effort into it. And yes, I agree, it really is awesome. :)

    I so needed this today.
    Thank you Beccie!

  5. I actually love that you're doing this even if it wasn't a giveaway. We do need to love ourselves more.

    I love that I am a curvy lady. I never used to appreciate the fact that I have a great hourglass figure. I chose every day to embrace myself the way God made me.

  6. I love when I'm able to combine my creativity and perseverance - it doesn't happen often enough, but I'm proud of myself when it does. I just bought my first sewing machine of my very own (lots of experience on mom's), so I'm sure I'll get opportunities to practice those two qualities soon!

    (Also, I really like my hair ;-)). Thanks for the marvelous giveaway!

  7. I love my ability to see the sunny side of every "bad" situation. I always find the positive and ignore the negative. I also really love my curves ;)

  8. I just found your blog. Here is quote that I really like- "Don't undervalue what you are. Don't overvalue what you are not." Malcolm Forbes. You do a beautiful job and I am sure you can do anything you set your mind to! I love that I can create. Shannon D.

  9. I love that I have never lost my ability to be silly, even in public. Life is serious enough on it's own, there's no need to forgo fun! I'm almost 40 and my friends roll their eyes at me...but they laugh. My mother is still so silly in her 60s - so I come by it honestly!

  10. Thanks for doing this! Too often I give myself too much negative self-talk. I'm trying really hard to overcome it and recently read a blog post that had a great quote saying that we have to learn to be content with what we are. So, I love my creativity and ability to sew - I've come a long way over the years. I also love my determination, especially in school and when I set a goal for myself because I'm not one to easily give up.

  11. Thank you for posting this giveaway! (Broke students love free materials) As a student I love that I can put aside my own work to help others with their classwork. I love that how helping my friends with similar problems helps me solve my own.

  12. I'd have to say my freckles I use to hate them as a kid I got made fun of a lot as a adult I grew to appreciate the fact that they made me diffrent.Its funny my fiancée told me that's what attracted him to me had I not had them he wouldn't have noticed me because they made me stand out lol so I'm so greatful for them for that alone :)

  13. I love my crazy red hair and my ability to make things exactly like I want them with my own two hands.

  14. Great post! Only recently have I started to taking steps love who and what I am. It's a hard process but it will no doubt be worth it when I get there.

    I love that I have the ability to sew, knit ,crochet and embroider anything I want.

  15. I love that I am a good listener and can make people feel heard and important. And I love my wild red curls!

  16. I love myself bc I am worthy of being loved. I am brave, strong, determined and I am also passionate, loving, and kind. I know that by loving myself and taking care of myself that those who love me esp. my children will appreciate it and be inspired by it. They already are. I may sound nuts but I think I am freaking fabulous to have done what I have done, survive what I have survived, and still was able to make my dreams come true. Two snaps in the air hehee Love yourself everyday Beccie but you are worthy to be loved. You are a wonderful friend, a doting wife, a supportive stepmom, a nurturing furmama, and youre passionate, kind, and incredibly generous. I cannot wait to hug you when I see you and spend the day chatting and giggling and being our wacky vintage selves with each other. LOVED your post! xox D

  17. Gosh, this was much harder than I thought... I keep wanting to add a qualifier. I love that I'm getting better at not worrying what other people think and being myself. I love that I can make things with my hands. I love that I am positive and hope filled. Thanks, Beccie! You've definitely given me things to think about :)

  18. I'm content with me. I love that I'm creative and confident enough to wear my sewn and knitted clothes. I dress a little different to the 'norm because of this. I love that about me!

  19. What I love about myself is that through rehabilitation I have managed to finally get my pain under control enough to start my advanced diploma is fashion design that I started last week! It's been a long 4 year wait and alot of work to get my body to this point but I love that I didn't let it stop me from my dream :) :) :)

  20. This = great great post. Love it. :-)

    I love that I come up with ideas for things all the time. May not have the time to make most of them happen, but coming up with ideas for things (all sorts of things!) is so much fun, so I guess I love the way my mind works. ;-)

    And - happy valentines day! :-)

  21. I like my ability of learning by myself a lot of things. Acquiring knowledge and skills without someone else's help. I am grateful to have a certain talent for creative things, sewing, designing. I love that I became a strong woman finding my own way, despite some very bad experiences in my younger years, and I never gave up. I am happy that I am different than most people I like (dressing differently).

    Just a thought:
    Like other women here, I had to learn to love me just as I am. I think many persons who have in fact a beautiful character and lots of talents, have the biggest self-doubts. It's always a fight between what you lack of, what you want to be, the failures you had, and what you really HAVE in fact, what you ARE, what you ACHIEVED.
    I don't like Valentine's Day too much, I have a sweet husband who buys flowers from time to time anyway, and I know he loves me as I am (he's VERY understanding), so there's no need for a bunch of flowers and a card on February 14th. But it's absolutely right to pamper ourselves a little bit... Thanks for the lovely thought, Beccie!

  22. I love my creativity and all the ways I can express myself with it, in words and in actions, but first of all with something simple as needle, thread, fabric and everything that sparcles. A lot of sparcle! If this part of my life was taken away from me, I wouldn't be whole.

    And by the way, as this is my first time to comment here: Thanks for an inspiring blog! Love from Norway <3

  23. What a great idea, and the giveaway prize is pretty good too. ;) I love my creativity and determination and should stop playing it down when I receive compliments. I love that I'm able to express myself through my sewing and other projects. I need to not be so hard on myself sometimes and just have fun.

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  24. What a great giveaway, I would be sooo happy to win! I love my determination to certain things, that I always try to get everything done perfectly and that I reach my goal almost everytime (hope this will be true for my wedding organisations too)!
    Love your blog! Kathi

  25. I love my sense of humor. I have a great dry wit that's gotten me through some bad times and some awkward situations.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  26. I love that I give people the benefit of the doubt (well except my immediate family, but I am working on that). I guess I was raised to give people the benefit of the doubt because I have been doing it for as long as I can remember and I thought that everyone was like this until I got to know my husband and his family. Not that it is just my husband and his family, I just never got to know anyone really good until then. Since then I notice that most people do not give people the benefit of the doubt naturally, which I find sad.

  27. Your post is so timely! This is exactly what I've been onto lately so seeing this just re confirms all I've been thinking.Thank you for that. Also,your sewing skills and the things you put together are always inspiring! You are a sewing superstar! XO

  28. I love this blog as it is so inspiring and creative! I believe DIY sewing, arts, crafts, mixed medias and needle works are artisan creativities that need to be nurtured and kept alive and thriving for our future generations as these are important survival and living skills that harmonize and balance individuals in the right and left brain synchronicities and bring creativity, peace and beauty to our daily lives. Blessings of creative inspirations! ;-) <3

  29. I love my creativity when it comes to upcycling stuff! I just dusted off my sewing machine to make some new things from old sheets. My sense of humor is pretty fun too!

  30. What a great post! I love the patience and care I am able to give to my patients in my job as a nurse.

  31. The one thing I love about myself, is my innovative mind. I can take anything anyone can do or make and manage to evolve the idea into something that is mine :-]

  32. Well any give-away is always welcome but I'm just totally floored that my favourite blogger the "über talented" creator of fabulous frockery, never fails to take the time to write and share tips, achievements, holidays, etc with us, our own Beccie is feeling like this ! I have a feeling your late health problems are taking their toll on your mind...thank goodness for your faithful sewing machine, headless helper and creativity to keep you sane. And thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us and reminding us to think of ourselves. "I love that through all my trials and tribulations I always have the ability to make people laugh" xoxoxoxo

  33. I love my brain and my determination. I've just gotten accepted into a phd after 6 years slogging it out at uni. Whatever, I am proud of myself! I want to shout it out!

  34. I love that I am over confident. The assumption that I can do anything has resulted in some great achievements AND unmitigated disasters, but I can't imagine not wanting to "give it a go". Talented and creative people like you, who share their passions, are my inspiration. Thank you.

  35. i love that i have mastered the art of scratch made stove top mac and cheese. in all seriousness! when i was just learning, the sauce was curdled, it was a gross mess. now the sauce comes out perfectly creamy, and with the perfect consistency. i honestly, i am very proud of myself that i have come this far in mac and cheese cuisine.

  36. those valentine cards you posted are absolutely adorable!

    I love that I still giddy over a snow storm. I seriously turn into a little kid when it comes to snow. I love the fact my hair never tangles. I love that I can sew and its something I am actually good at.

    its hard when it comes to loving ourselves. I don't know why, but it is. wouldn't be wonderful if everyone could love more about themselves, and have more positive things to put out in the world. posts like this are good because it makes us stop and think "what do I love about myself?" and take some focus off what we hate about ourselves.

    I think that you are a very talented seamstress. personally I really like your blog. reading peoples sewing blogs always reminds me the world is full of seamstresses, and that is just such a wonderful thing!

  37. Loved this post, and I love your blog!

    About me? I love my eyes :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. This post really made me think... my first thought was my hair. I used to have super short hair, but now I'm growing it out and I love it.

    But... then, reading everyone else's comments, I realized that was pretty superficial. So, I would say that I love how I'm a fast learner, whatever it is I'm learning. I'm usually really quick to pick up everything, from new sewing techniques to calculus. And on the occasion that I'm not, I'm determined enough that I will push myself to figure it out.

  39. Such a lovely idea for a giveaway!

    Happy Valentines day - I celebrated with my daughter and friends, she was born on Valentines day six years ago :)

    I ability to take risks, to suspend good sense, go against the flow to follow my dreams.

    And I'm really enjoying your blog x

  40. I love that I can cook! I wish I had the same confidence with sewing as I do with cooking.
    One of the things I like about this blog is that it is generally very positive. I was really saddened to find a blog post recently that was all about how the writer hated (that is the word she used) another sewing blogger. What a horrible thing to put out into the universe! Your blog is cheerful and fun and I like the clothes you make. You blog also gives me hope that I can teach myself to sew better too!

  41. Beautiful cards and such a timely blog post. I am having a bit of a downer too and have lost my sewing mojo. How can I make complex couture things for other people but be terrified with the thought of messing up a 2-piece pattern for me? Normally, I like my resilience. :)

  42. This is an amazing post, and at a point where I have two sides of myself fighting against each other about pushing forward with blogging and creativity and a better life for myself..

    What I really love about myself is that regardless of the shit the earth throws at me, I never truly give up. Through severe depression for 10 years and self-destructive tendencies, as well as personal traumas through my (quite frankly short, at the age of 23) life - I've never given up completely, I've gotten out of bed and found purpose.

    And I can't help but look at everything I've been through and done so far and think "You're still alive and you're here and you're doing something and it will be okay."

    And I love the part of me that has got me this far.

  43. (I have tried commenting once, remove this if it's a double) I love my ability of orientation in a new place/city. It may sound natural, but last year I went to London, and my friends put me in charge - I decided how and where to go , and we had a great time! It seems I always do this - as if I have already been to a place, so I already know what to do (ok, I do prepare first and search the web for all the information I need, and even use google maps' street view ;) ) Anyway, thank you for being such an inspiration, and for this wonderful giveaway!
    xxx Mary

  44. I love how I find myself thinking out of the box and how my creativity takes me there. I am able to tackle challenges in ways that surprise me, but for which the solution comes so spontaneously and out of no where. It makes me very proud, and it makes me giggle because it is proof that I am still a child at heart.

  45. I really like my legs and my elegant ankles.
    I am proud of myself for taking a risk, quitting my job and starting my own business.
    I love that in inherited my Nanna's amazing hair.
    I love that, even though I sometimes get distracted, disheartened and discouraged, I always pick myself up, brush myself off and find a way to make it work.

  46. I love it... we (I) need to love myself more. I had a baby a little over two weeks ago. Around that time I was wanting to have baby to lose weight and be comfortable. Once she was born I was like hmm. I am not going to stress about it. I am going to enjoy the season I am in.. savor every newbown moment. Even lack of sleep because she is my third and last baby. I want to enjoy every minute and not just rush to the next stage. I have to say, the power to change my thinking has been the best thing. Love yourself and where you are now.

  47. I have just started a new job after 9 years at a place that I accepted mediocrity from them and myself. This time I'm testing my boundaries and answering the challenges. I love love love how I took a chance on myself and believed I could do it. I love love love how I set an example for my girls that believing in yourself pays off.

  48. Very well written! We are way to harsh on our selves, and should be better at focusing on the good things about ourselves! :)

    What I really like about myself is that I am a creative person in many ways, but still very organised (for example; I like sorting things in alphabetical order!) :) I'm also happy that I try to always be kind no matter what, and smile to everyone I meet :)

    By the way, I love your giveaway! The pattern is so beautiful and I can imagine it's going to look swell in polka dots! :)

  49. I like being unique-I'm 5 feet exactly with (natural) red hair and blue eyes. My fingers and toes are crossed for this one!!! SUCH an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. hugs +++ you should love yoruself - you are an amazing seamstress, source of inspiration, role-model, and seem like a really neat person to be around.