Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 2013 Christmas Dress

It all started with a crazy pair of shoes:

I had been looking for inspiration for this years Christmas ensemble and it came to me in the form of these Irregular Choice shoes.  I know that they aren't for everyone, but they are over-the-top and I love them!  I set about finding fabric that matched them perfectly and I think I found it:

The black, red and touches of gold go perfectly with the shoes.  Next job was to work out what I wanted the dress to look like.  I've been wanting to remake the Blue Roses dress that I made for the Fall For Cotton challenge, so I thought this might be a good opportunity!

And I decided to employ my new technique for making a sleeveless lined bodice with ALL the seams on the inside and photograph it for you!  I'm sure that I didn't invent this, and I'm sure someone knows a better way, but this works for me.

Step One
Cut out bodice fronts and backs (lining and fashion fabric) and sew up all the darts, then pin the two fronts and the two backs together lining up the neck hole and the arm holes.

Step Two
Sew around the neck hole and the arm holes, leaving the shoulders open.   Clip the curves and trim down the seam allowance at the shoulder.  Do the same thing to the back pieces.

Step Three
Turn the back through so its right side out and iron the seams.

Step Four
Insert the turned through piece inside the un-turned through piece, so its right sides together.  Line up the shoulder seams and pin.

Step Five
Sew the shoulder seam and then trim down to eliminate some of the thickness.

Step Six
Turn the un-turned piece so both halves are right side out.  Iron the seams.

Step Seven
Work out which side you need to put the zipper in (somehow, locating the left side is always REALLY HARD!) and open the right side out so that the underarm seams line up.

Step Eight
Sew along the seam - you may have to pivot the needle on the underarm seam.  Press and you're done!

I really hope that all made sense!  I've done it a few times now and it works for me every time, I'm really happy with doing the bodice this way as its all neat!

Stay tuned for more updates on this dress - I have one more day to finish it off, cause I need to wear it on Friday.

Cross your fingers for me!