Friday, March 15, 2013

Giveaway Skirts : Wrapped and Ready to Go!

Well last night I finally got the Giveaway Skirts finished for Shannon and Leah!

It was a lovely and pattern to follow, but I was making 4 skirts at once in a production line type process, so it took longer than it would if you were just doing one.  And the reason I did four was I did one for myself (of course!) and one for a friend for their birthday.

And while my friend's and mine aren't finished yet (sigh!) Shannon and Leah's skirts will be on their way to them in the mail later today!  Hooray!!

And I asked them both if they minded if I blogged about their finished skirts, and they didn't mind so....

Shannon's Shoe Skirt

 Leah's Cherry Skirt

After I tied them on my headless helper to take photos I realised that they really needed buttons to prevent 'Marilyn Moments', so I then set about doing that.  I put 5 buttons down the front of each skirt - here are the buttons I chose:

I was particularly excited about the pink ones - they are reproduction confetti lucite ones... I may have purchased quite a few of them...

Then this morning I packaged them up to be put into the post later on today - keep your eyes out girls!

PS.  How awesome is my sticky tape dispenser!!!

And now the way is cleared for a weekend of Mad Men dressmaking!  More updates on that next week.

Have you got a productive and fun weekend planned?



  1. The skirts look great! Funny thing, I have the EXACT same tape dispenser but it's a black shoe instead of pink. lol Great minds...

    1. I've got the black one too!!! Its my tape dispenser at work - I thought black was more work appropriate :)

  2. Adorable, love the tape holder haha

  3. It's Leah here by the way, forgot my derby name is what i use on ze blogs

  4. Lovely! Those buttons are so pretty too, I'm sure both ladies will love them. I can't wait until our dreary British weather warms up enough for me to sew up some fun summer skirts.

    1. Thanks Ginny! We are on the run down to winter here (granted, our winter isn't as cold as yours) so I'm starting to think about clothing for cooler weather... It's not as exciting...

  5. Omg!! Where can I buy those pink buttons?