Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew Grateful Week : I love you guys!

This is the post where I get to talk about how grateful I am for the sewing blogging community.  And while I am, what I'm really grateful for goes deeper than that.

I am grateful for the journey that has led me to this point - finding my vintage style, starting this blog, and meeting all of you guys - I love you guys!

Back a couple of years ago I was just your average person.  I took care of myself and liked to get dressed up, but found it really difficult to find things in mainstream fashion that worked on my body shape.  But as you do, you continue trying things because you don't think there is another option.

Enter a shopping expedition with my best girl Miss V - we were out shopping for outfits to wear to Melbourne Cup Day, and drove past a shop with a big chalk sign out the front advertising 'MAD MEN DRESSES'.  We were curious and the shop looked interesting so we stopped.  I walked out of that shop with a black Stop Staring dress that fit me so well it was scary.

This is me and my very handsom brother MattI love this dress and I still wear it.

Then a family holiday with Miss V to Byron Bay - a coastal hippie-la-la town in northern New South Wales, Australia.  Whilst doing some shopping without the kids and the men, she and I stumbled upon a shop called That Shop - a kustom kulture shop that stocked Pinup Girl Clothing and other brands.  Once again I purchased an amazing dress...

Ok, so not the best photo, but you can see that I'm getting much more into the whole thing!

I realised there was a pattern emerging... and this was pretty much when I absented myself from current fashion and went back 60 years to the 1950s.

I had fun with photo shoots and classes learning how to do my hair and things, and buying a new wardrobe.... Which lead me to sewing.

You see, it was coming in to winter and I saw this exceptionally glamorous woman wearing what I now know to be a princess seamed coat over her vintage dress... and of course I wanted one!  But could I find one anywhere that would fit, that was the colour I liked, and wasn't $5,000,000... No.  Sigh!

Not being one to be frightened of throwing myself in the deep end, I said to myself "I'll make one!".  I bought a pattern and some fabric, and the rest is history!

This is me in the Best Dressed competition at Rose Seidler House fair in 2011.  The following year I was modelling in the fashion parades!

Sewing led me to blogging.  I started my blog because sewing is a lonely occupation and I wanted to be able to share with someone ANYONE! what I was doing.  I'll admit that my first few posts were rubbish - it takes a while to find your voice I think.  But I've found it now, and I've found other bloggers who inspire me, and I've found you guys who appreciate what I do.

In all this, I have found myself, I have found my confidence, and I have found my voice.  And I wouldn't change anything for all the tea in China!

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into my life.  Just know that I am sew grateful to you out there for taking an interest.



  1. how inspiring for me, a budding wannabe sewist and nearing 40's mother who is trying to re-love her body and find an "adult" look she ishappy with. i dont remember how i found your blog but i'm so glad i did! i lov reading your posts and seeing your gorgeous creations on your gorgeous self. i love your friendly and encouraging tone and i love how you always reply to comments. You are da bomb! to many more years of sewing bliss :D thank you for what you bring to the sewing community.

  2. Hi Rebecca! I'm so glad (sew glad ha!) that you love my blog and love what I do and find me inspiring! That's more important to me than anything! All I can say is don't give up on your search :) the right thing will find you :) *hugs*

  3. That's an amazing journey for sure!! I grew up around my Grandparents who were the greatest generation {I hold them personally responsible for my love of history and vintage fashion, LOL!}. Well, we're all glad you joined the blogging community and Sew Retro Rose is one of my fave blogs! It really inspires me to put more color and print into my wardrobe.

    The Fictionista

    1. I love prints Sean - sewing with a plain colour just seems so BORING! Although sometimes I need to - I'd really like some plain colour skirts and blouses... I'll add it to my list :)

  4. "Sewing led me to blogging. I started my blog because sewing is a lonely occupation and I wanted to be able to share with someone ANYONE! what I was doing."

    I love that. I am in the process of making my own blog to show off what I make (sewing, other crafts, and occasionally recipes). I find a lot of what I enjoy doing is actually lonely in nature. I want to make it more social any way I can.

    My style is more vintage inspired than true vintage. I LOVE vintage clothing but can rarely find anything to fit my body in shops. I also prefer more modern materials, but vintage craftsmanship. So, I sew.

    1. Blogging does make loney hobbies more social in my experience - especially since I added a facebook page to my blog (and an instagram). It means I can post small snippets of things and questions without having to write a whole blog post about it :)

  5. sewing is a lonely hobby. its great to read other peoples blogs about sewing and so inspiring too. I love how bright your clothes always are, and the fashion you choose is so cute. its nice to see other seamstresses out there, making such beautiful things.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback about what I sew :) And I wouldn't mind betting that loneliness is why the sewing blogging community is so strong!

  6. That was such a heart-warming piece to read. Thank you. So happy you found your true self! Look forward to following your blog!

    1. I'm happy I found my true self too :) Its amazing where your life will lead you if you leave yourself open to experience it :)