Thursday, November 1, 2012

Melbourne Cup Dress : The Fascinator

So I was going to wait until next Tuesday to show you all the fascinator that I had custom made to match my outfit... but I can't.  Its just too beautiful to keep it hidden.

I've shown you this photo before:

I sent Bobbie from Madly Hatted Milinery a small scrap of my fabric with a bit of fence on it so she had the green and the pink.  From there she purchased the beautiful dusty pink fascinator base, some pink silk that was 50% off (gotta love an unexpected bargain!), the leaves and the feathers and the green ribbon with a cream stripe (which is vintage!)  And some other larger feathers that aren't shown here - ALL OF WHICH tone perfectly with the teeny tiny scrap of fabric I sent.

I gave her an idea of what I liked based on the things she had for sale on her website, and then gave her full control to create whatever she pleased.  I assured her I'm not the conservative type so she could go all out.

This is what she created.

Isn't it magnificent - lifting it from its nest of tissue paper felt like lifting a magnificent jewel from a velvet lined box! 

Even the back is detailed and beautiful!

Close up of the silk roses, leaves and braided cord that feature on the front

Close up of the silk and ribbon flowers on the back of the fascinator

Seriously, this girl is talented!  Head over to her website and check out her other amazing creations, and next time you need something fabulous for your head, drop her a line!



  1. Oh my god it's AMAZING! Wow - so elegant. I can't wait to see your outfit - you will stand out from the crowd thats for sure. And for all the right reasons :-)

    1. It is so beautiful isn't it! I can't wait to put the whole outfit on. I'm very sure I'm going to stand out - I'm going to be very pink! And thank you for saying I'll stand out for all the right reasons - I appreciate the support :) Sometimes its difficult looking different from everyone else.

  2. Oh how wonderful! I don't know whats better- owning it or being able to make such pretties!

    1. I like being able to own it, because I don't have the time and the skills to make it, but let me tell you if ever a millinery course starts up near me I'll be their first enrolement!