Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Melbourne Cup Dress : Its finished!!

Well I had a fabulous weekend in my sewing room!  And so productive - I got my dress for Melbourne Cup finished!!

I started with the skirt, cause that was the bit I was most worried about.  I frenched all the seams because I can, and I ended up with this:

Yay! Ponies!!

Then I got on with the bodice.  I traced the pattern I fiddled around and did a Full Bust Adjustment on so I could fiddle with it again.  It had a scooped neckline and I wanted a V neck.  It took a bit of adjustment to get it right because my first V neck cut was a bit mumsy... and thats not quite what I was going for!

I then hemmed the skirt piece and stitched the two together, and pinned it to my headless helper so I could revel in the achievement!

Yay!  A Dress!!

It was still open at the back at this point, so I sewed the back together with a centred zipper in the top, and a split in the bottom so I can walk (very important!), and I ended up with THIS!!!

Now, you will have to forgive the bad hair and no makeup - I was really just trying it on to see if it fit...

The front - see the non-mumsy neckline

 The back - I like the shape
Its a shame that one pony's nose is missing, but there wasn't much I could do...

So what do you think?  I'm pretty happy with it, and when I get all the accessories on (like the magnificent fascinator that should arrive tomorrow) and the proper hair and makeup etc I think I'll look pretty cute!




  1. :D cute! that is very sad about the pony's nose...oh well ;)

    1. Ponies without noses are sad - I agree.
      Maybe no-one will notice...

  2. Thats so neat! You are so creative! Happy you were able to get creative this week! xox

  3. Hello! I've been reading your blog - found it recently, not sure I've commented before.

    I LOVE the dress! Very nice on your figure, and a great way of getting an outfit out of not much of the feature fabric. Kewl!

    Doesn't look like it's accepting my wordpress account. I'm Imoh from tropical threads - here:http://tropicalthreads.wordpress.com/

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the postive feedback. I often have to come up with creative fixes because I work with vintage fabrics a lot, and sometimes you fall in love with a fabric and there just isn't quite enough of it!!! I'm looking forward to wearing it :)