Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Project Revisited - Part 3

Clearly I have run out of the imagination required to come up with a good title.
Sorry.  I will try harder next time!

Well I had a very busy weekend with little time for sewing.  It was my husband's birthday last week so I threw a dinner party in celebration on the Saturday night, which I had to cook for all day.  And on Sunday I spent the day baking cupcakes. 

You see, Monday was the RSPCA Cupcake Day, where volunteers like me bake cupcakes and invite people to eat them, and then donate money to look after the mistreated and abandoned animals that are in the RSPCA's care.  Its a really worthy cause.


We don't have a large office so I aimed to raise $50 and also invited my Mum, Dad and a friend to help me reach my target.  And we did!!!  We raised $84.30 for the puppies and kitties!!!

So, with that achievement in mind, I went home from work with the aim of having a good crack at finishing my coat... or at least getting close.

First step was making the skirt of the coat the right length.  On the weekend, I did find the time to work out the length and mark where to cut the coat and the lining.

I put the coat on my headless helper and pinned around in a line where the waist was.  Then I got out one of my petticoats and measured the length of the skirt.  I then added two inches to give me something to play with hem wise, and then measured from the waist line and pinned the line to cut.  I did the same thing with the lining, but cut it an inch shorter than I cut the coat.

Then I sewed on yet more bias tape to finish the edges of the coat and the lining, then I sewed the two together.

I'm sorry this photo isn't the best - too much sunshine in my sewing room
I shouldn't complain about that though...

Then I started hand sewing.

Gee there is a lot of hand sewing to do.

I'm not that fond of hand sewing...

I can see that the next few nights will be spent in front of the TV with the coat on my lap and a needle in my hand as I sew up the hem and sew on the buttons.  I've already sewn the back of the bound buttonholes to the buttonhole lips, and I started on the hem.  But there is a lot to go....

Its looking nice and neat so far! 

Now, we all know how much I love my matchy-matchy... well apparently it was the done thing in the 1950s to have a dress that matched the lining of your coat... so guess what I'm making next?????


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