Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you matchy-matchy???

I love matchy-matchy!  And one of the wonderful things about sewing your own clothes is being able to take matchy-matchy as far as you want.

This outfit started with a vintage headscarf.  When it arrived, it wasn't the colour I thought it would be, so to wear it I needed to get some fabric and make something.  Luckily for me, my local fabric store had this fabric that was a great match, and had polka-dots.  A win-win!

Head scarf on the left, spotty fabric on the right

So I made a skirt, and with the rest of the fabric I made a blouse.  Then I realised it was cold out and I'd need a cardigan (which I couldn't buy, so I made one - you can read about it here).  Then I started thinking about jewellery...  Miss Renee from Lucy Luxxe hand makes fabulous resin jewellery, so I approached her with a custom design, which she was happy to make me.  I sent her a piece of the fabric so she could get the colour just right.

And what do you get when you put all that together?  You get a complete head-to-toe matchy-matchy outfit!

How cute is it!?!

I even had a watering can in the same colour!

Last weekend was the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend here in Australia.  Mum invited me around for tea and scones in celebration, so I thought I'd wear my new outfit!

Mmmm - scones!
I drank my tea out of a golden jubilee cup - Mum doesn't have a diamond jubilee one yet

And thankfully I didn't spill any jam or tea on my white cardigan... because to be honest I'm a little worried about washing it...  

For those who read the post on my cardigan last week, I hadn't yet embellished it.  I still haven't finished, but I'm working on it.  In the photo above you can see I've stitched a bobbly trim to the neckline, what you can't see is that underneath that is some lace.  Since this photo was taken, I have stitched a row of pearls next to the bobbles.  Really its very hard to explain without photos, so how about I take some tonight, and do a bonus post tomorrow.

But one more photo to finish... here is the custom necklace (which has been named after me by the way), with the headscarf and the blouse I made from the spotty fabric.

It doesn't get much more matchy-matchy than this - and I LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I LOVE matchy matchy! And it's so much better when you can make your own :-D
    That shade of blue brings out the colour of your eyes really well! It would look rad with bright orange too (Orange is a highly underrated colour).

  2. I'm all for matchy-matchy, and usually like to repeat at least one hue in any given outfit. I adore your cheerful look here, and can't get enough of that wildly cute necklace!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I know Jessica - isn't it adorable!! You should have a look at all the Lucy Luxxe designs on her website or her Facebook page! I have the same design in lilac and white :)