Thursday, June 14, 2012

The AHhhh Cardigan - finishing details

So in yesterday's post I tried to explain how I embellished my cardigan - and I gave up because it was too hard.  Pictures tell a much clearer picture!

If you want to read about the start of this cardigan and see how it looked before I stitched stuff to it, go here.

So first I stitched on some pretty scalloped-edge lace

Then I stitched on this bobble trim - each bobble is about 1.5cm in diametre

 Then I stitched on a line of these natural coloured glass pearls.

Actually I did it twice.  The first time I stitched them on with the cardigan in my lap, and they all puckered and wouldn't sit right.  So second time around I put the cardigan on my dress form and stitched them on whist standing up.  Not quite as relaxing.  Thank god for good movies!

And in the end I had this - very atonal embellishment, which is just what I wanted so I could wear it with anything.

Gee - that was sooo much easier with pictures!  I purchased more bobble trim yesterday, because now I'm going to do the same trim around the sleeve cuffs.  THEN it will be finished!

Thanks for reading


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