Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The SEWsterhood of the Travelling Pattern.

Do you remember that movie from 2005, where four young girls stay in touch by passing around a magical pair of jeans that fits each of them perfectly???

It might have been a good movie - it might have been a rubbish movie.  I have no idea cause I've never seen it.  Girly movies like this one really aren't my thing.

I was talking to a lady on facebook last night about long-distance shared clothing, when I struck upon the idea of doing the same thing with a pattern.  One vintage pattern travels around the world and everyone makes the same dress, but uses their own creativity in choosing fabrics and maybe slightly modifying the dress for them.

So we are going to do it.

With this pattern.

I've picked this one for a few reasons:
  • Its not overly complicated, so beginner sewers can join in too.
  • Its a decent size to grade up or down from.
  • It offers possibilities for customisation (patch pockets, in-seam pockets, piping, bias etc)
  • It will work in different types of fabric.
So I'm going to set down some rules.

1. Look after the pattern!  Its got a long way to travel, so be gentle with it!!
2. When it gets to you, you need to sew it.  There are other people waiting to play, so hop to it!
3. Get your model on!  We all want to see what you've made, so pose for a few photos.  These need to be emailed to me with a bit of a story so I can write a blog post to update the Sewsterhood on where the pattern is.  If you have a blog, do a post on it and I can link back to your blog as well!
4. Make some notes in the Journal.  This pattern is traveling with its own diary - please write an entry (or a few) - you could pass on any hints for the future sewers, or just write a story.
5. Put it in the Mail.  When you are finished I will give you the address for the next participant so you can send the pattern on its journey.  What you received with the pattern needs to stay with the pattern.

If you draft any special pieces for your dress, it would also be nice if these go with the pattern with some brief instructions.  But this is optional.  

I'm hoping that now that you have read this, you will want to join in.  I will be making a list (with my name at the top) of the Sewsterhood of the Travelling Pattern - to get on it just send an email to sewretrorose(at)gmail(dot)com.  I will be making the list in the same order as I receive emails.  Each blog post I write will say who is getting the pattern next, but I will also send an email to you so you know its on its way.

Join the Sewsterhood!!!


Hi everyone!  After an amazing response I'm sad to say that I'm closing the list for the travelling pattern.  Thank you for everyone that has joined in!


  1. I think I may have to join in, I got some truly gorgeous fabric on the weekend that I think would work really well with that pattern! And it would be a good foray into my first Vintage Piece! Thank you for thinking of this! Email on its way!

  2. This sounds so fun! Off to and an email to you!

  3. What a fabulous idea! I'm in!

  4. What a great idea! Email sent :)

  5. IT"S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! (Sorry - just a wee bit excited!)

    Angela W.

  6. Oooohhh me too! Lol still to do the last sew along but it wouldn't be the first time I've had multiple projects on the go...

  7. I love this idea, and the pattern is awesome! Please tell me how to sign up! txasred@hotmail.com

  8. Oooh I would love to join.
    Is Germany okay? I have a lovely fabric in my stash which will look lovely with this pattern!
    I would love to sign up!
    (I have a new e-mail adress: melonplay [ at ] web [ dot ] de

  9. Ohh, Love that idea!!! Please, count me in. If Spain is not too far for you, I would love join to you all.

  10. Next one in line for Spain ! Wow that pattern will have traveled ! x

  11. I'm in! I'm from Montreal, Canada and I just started my sewing blog, I can't wait to make this dress and to write about it! :) Yeah!

  12. I am in; where am I in the rotation? YAY!!!!!!

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  13. The movie AND part II were good movies, Bec, giggles.

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  15. I would like to join in. sending an email.

  16. I would love to do this; that pattern looks so amazing and quick to whip up, so I'm excited! :D

    I'll email you and put my hand up.

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  17. This is such a great idea, I just may have to join.

  18. This is a fantastic idea, I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  19. Would it be possible to get an idea of the amount of fabric required and what notions are needed?


  20. I'm so excited to participate in this sew-along. Great idea, thanks for organizing it.

  21. Sounds lovely- can,t wait.


  22. What a great idea! :) I'd love join in, sending an e-mail now :)

    Best wishes,
    Julie Mari

  23. This is such a fabulous idea - please count me in.

  24. Just spotted this post! I would love to join in!

  25. New to your blog, and please count me in! I'll email you shortly!