Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Wicked Weekend and the Green Suit makes a Debut!

Last weekend was FABULOUS! 

Remember the tour I did last year to LA (that I blogged about here, here and here), well there have been two of those tours, and on the weekend we had a reunion in Melbourne!

Those of us flying in from interstate flew in roughly at about the same time.  Half of us were picked up by Nada (a Melbourne local) and I hired a car for the rest of us.

And can I say my hire car WAS FREE!!!!!  They were running a promotion that every 20th car hired around the country was free, and I got one!  Sadly, we couldn't fit us and our luggage into it, so I had to pay a bit for an upgrade, but it was worth it.  Trust me, this boot was full to the roof on the run back to the airport!

We couldn't check into our hotel until mid afternoon, so we went straight to a vintage warehouse to shop!

That isn't my fur, he just looked lonely so I carried him around for a bit

We went to a place called Fossil Vintage, and as well as having clothes they had furniture and shop fittings and all manner of things.  I didn't find anything to buy, but other girls did!

After lunch, we checked into our hotel, and got ready for our night out.  You see, its called the Wicked Weekend because on Friday night we went to The Regent Theatre to see Wicked!

Here is a quarter of the group.  From L to R
Miss Kim (our organiser extraordinaire), Anna, Nada, and me!

We caught a maxi-taxi to the magnificent old theatre and met up with some other girls who were spending some time with us on the weekend.  One of whom was Esz - frequent reader and commenter on this blog!

And yes, we have matching hair...

Check out the inside of the theatre!

As per usual, a large group of ladies (and 1 token man) all dressed in vintage make quite an impact.  Especially when there were people there who obviously didn't look in a mirror before they walked out the door (I am referring to you who wore tracksuit pants!!!).  Clearly going to the theatre is not the big night out it once was!  So there was a lot of looks and people asking for our photos.

The show was great, and the costumes were fabulous!  I found most of the costumes to be quite 1940s inspired actually, and most of the time I was so distracted by working them out that I lost track of the storyline!

Some of the girls went out after the show, but I'd gotten up early and even then almost missed my flight, so I went home to bed.

The next morning we went around the corner to breakfast at a lovely place called Ethos Cafe.  They were more than happy to take a large group without a booking and the food and coffee were great.  Some of us needed the coffee more than others *ahem* hang overs *ahem*

From L to R - Marianna, Emma, Sam, Kasenya, Anna, Nada, Kim, me!

So have the eagle eye'd amongst you spotted my green suit?  We were spending the day shopping so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear it for the first time!

Meet Wallace - he's my gorgeous red fox stole with the big eyes that reminded Kim of Wallace and Grommit!  Oh, and thanks to Esz for being my photographer.

The morning was spent fabric shopping with Nada and Kim.  Nada (being a local) took us to her favourite fabric shops, one of which was Rathdowne Fabrics.  I might have gone a little crazy...

They had an amazing collection of vintage sewing machines on display!

Rathdowne sell a lot of things that I normally have to buy on the internet without touching it - things like wools and silks.  I purchased some wool, some silk, and a fun 1970s stripey sheer which you will see later (mainly because I forgot to take a photo of it) and some wool suiting for Nada to make me some pants.

Nada sews amazing 1940s pants to sell from her facebook page Something Else Clothing.  And since I find no joy in sewing pants, but kinda need a couple of pairs, I'm getting Nada to do them!  Its a win/win!!

That evening we went out to Pollys and to the LuWow - both bars just around the corner from where we were staying.  So we got frocked up again and went out on the town!

Polly's is a fabulous vintage themed cocktail bar full to the brim with antique lounges and chairs to sit on.  Sadly it was very dark in there so I didn't get any decent photos.  After drinks there, we went to The Luwow which is a fabulous tiki themed restaurant and bar that has live bands!  It was so much fun!!

After dinner and dancing we went back to one of the apartments for some more wine and nibbles.  Which was when I finally got a decent photo of the outstanding lurex dress I was wearing.

In a hilarious turn of events - the only people wearing colour (Vaeda and I) were wearing the same colour!!!

The next morning found us back at the same cafe for breakfast.  Much more coffee was needed this time to cure people's hangovers....  But after we checked out of the hotel we headed to the Waverley Antiques Centre - which turned out to be what dreams are made of (mine anyway).  An enormous warehouse FULL of antiques and vintage!!!

And the odd adorable puppy!

I wandered around with Marianna and we found some awesome things, some funny things, and some weird things.  Lets start with the weird.


Then there was the funny...

A giant marble telephone

"Mavis, that's down right shocking!"

Sawing Machine?????

Ohhhhh!  SEWING machine!!!

And then there was the down-right awesome!

I absolutely would have purchased this sewing machine if I could easily get it home!  The shape of it reminded me of a 1930s two door roadster!

 Possibly the best taxidermy fox I have EVER SEEN!

Which gave me another opportunity to use my (dreadful) acting skills!

And then it was time for us all to take ourselves and our overladen bags back home.  It truly was a great fun weekend and I can't wait to catch up with all the girls again soon!


PS.  Look who was waiting for me when I got home - LOVE!


  1. It was so great to meet you! Will definitely have to nab that sewing machine for you.
    And Wicked was so good! Really hope you get a chance to make that dress with the trumpet skirt soon - it will be spectacular ;-D

    1. It was so lovely to meet you too honey - finally!!! And hopefully I will get the chance to make that dress soon. I think I will need a break from suits soon, but I don't think that project will be much of a break....

  2. Thank you for the mention Beccie, very kind of you. It will be my pleasure to make you some fab 1940s pants, so you stay warm. It was lovely to spend time with you ! I had a ball ! xxx

    1. I had a ball too! And I will not only be warm, but STYLISH in your pants :)


  3. Once again it warms my heart to see you and Esz in one place!!! I wish I lived near you guys.
    Angela W.

    1. It would be lovely to meet you too Angela. You never know, it might happen one day :) xxx

  4. What a splendid place to live where they have vintage warehouses - I think I would kill to have the chance to see one! :-) How much fun and inspirations.
    You all looked sooo good! It must be great to know lovely people who share your passion for vintage. Or the hair colour - wonderful to see you and Esz with this very same vibrant red!

    Hugs from sunny Switzerland, Doris

    P.S.: Did you make that grey dress you were wearing on the first day? If so, which pattern? Love this design so much...

    1. Spending time with like-minded people is like nothing else Doris! If you ever get the opportunity to do it make sure you do :)

      And I didn't make that grey dress - its a vintage one. Its a wool blend wrap dress that fastens at either side of the waist. It is a brilliant dress, and so comfortable! If I ever see a pattern like it I'll let you know :)

    2. I love wrap dresses! I have one or two patterns at home, but I am always happy to find more. They always look so flattering!


  5. Wow, what a great post! Loved all of it, especially the grey dress from the first pic!

    1. Thanks Mel, I'm loving that dress at the moment too! Its in high rotation in my wardrobe :)

  6. OMG! I'm famous! And I'm in your Blog!
    Such a wonderful weekend. So very pleased to have met you.
    Keep up your fabulous blog - love all your projects.

  7. What a fun weekend! Your suit looks amazing and I will have to conquer my fear of sewing tailored suits for sure now. On a side note, I inherited a Singer pedal sewing machine very like the one pictured. I got it last year and it needs a new belt, but my aunt had been sewing with it up to about ten years ago and I'm kind of excited to sew something with it.

    1. You should definitely give it a go Sarah. Buy that book that I've talked about a few times and use that as a reference. It really isn't difficult, just more time consuming :)

      Wow! You lucky thing being gifted with a vintage singer sewing machine!!! Best of luck getting it up and running again!!!

  8. Great pictures. I love the suit, the whole outfit is beautiful. The bag is a mini version of something my dad used to have in the 60s and I used to see it every day. He probably still has it. Is it a modern one?

    1. No, its a vintage bag. And funny you say that your Dad had one... the person I bought it from said her Dad had one too, and when this one arrived she expected it to be much bigger than it actually was! Its the perfect size for me though, so I bought it from her. I love it!

  9. Really love the green suit. Your dog is just adorable I wish I could get some dog love right now.

    1. She is a sweety Connie, and trust me, if you were anywhere nearby she would love to give you some love. Stella loves everyone!

  10. Fantastic weekend and woweeeeeee what a suit! Stylish all the way! I love it! The theater you went to was stunning to. I hope you get to see a show while you are visiting Manhattan this summer! xox

    1. I've already thought of that Bunny! When I'm there before the tour I'm going to see Les Miserables (my favourite EVER!) and then we are going to see something with the girls on the tour!