Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Day at The Sydney Fair

Last Friday I took the day off work (any excuse really!) to attend The Sydney Fair.  I took my mum with me for company, like I do a lot of the time.  We enjoy mostly the same things so it works out well really!

This fair is different to the ones I have attended in the past, mostly because it has a focus on the design movements of the 20th Century - namely Art Deco (my favourite!), Art Moderne and Mid Century.  And there are only 27 exhibitors, most of whom were selling furniture.  But there were quite a few people selling vintage clothing.

Before we get into all of that, have a look at the roof of the building where the fair was held.

Its hard to tell from a photograph, but that dome is ENORMOUS!  The building was constructed in the 1920s and the recent renovations to the dome, ornate pillars, jarrah wood floors, and lead lighting have really increased the impact when you step inside.  Airconditioning wouldn't go astray though... we are experiencing a very warm autumn here and the temperatures inside the hall were almost too warm.

The building really was an incredible place to showcase the antiques though - especially the furniture!  If I had an empty house and several hundred thousand dollars I would have cleaned up!  Soooo many beautiful things!

I would have purchased this incredible couch:

and the sideboard in the background.  And I would also have purchased these lounge chairs:

Tiger print!!!!!

And I loved this display.  I think I would have purchased this thing and all the suitcases to store stuff in!

There was also a display of couture vintage clothing from the 1930s through to the 1960s, all of which could be purchased!  Here is a particularly beautiful 1930s gown:

Now, if you look to the left of the gown you will see a photo of it being worn by Miss Polly Polkadot - the same lady I made the Gnome Dress for!!!!! 

Also in this display were two suits by the 1930s Hollywood designer Adrian.  Now I hadn't heard of him until I saw a cat fight online over a pair of shoes, and had to look him up!  He was a costume designer who worked for film studios the 1930s and 1940s.  He made costumes for 250 films, including The Wizard of Oz, The Great Ziegfeld, and the evening gowns in The Women (I saw this movie recently - I died.  You must watch it!).  He was also behind Joan Crawford's signature large shoulder pads!  One of the suits on exhibition did a terrific job of showing the signature Joan Crowford look:

mmm - love me a good shoulder pad!

In reality, this was all icing on the cake for me.  What I really went to do was to meet up with Lucky Dry Goods, one of the two exhibitors that had come all the way from the US to sell vintage clothing at the fair.  I had purchased things before from Lucky Dry Goods on Etsy, and I had seen some sneak peaks of things they were bringing on Instagram and Facebook.  I was particularly interested in one particular 1940s novelty print rayon crepe dress, so I crossed my fingers that it would still be there when I arrived.

Paul from Lucky Dry Goods recognised me before I saw their shop sign, and he was relieved to see me.  People had been looking at the dress and he kept hoping that they would put it back so it would still be there for me to purchase.  I had a lovely chat with Paul about all kinds of things - he was my kind of person!

ie. slightly insane!
Yes, he is wearing pink socks... love it!

They had SO MUCH EYE CANDY in their store that it really was difficult not to spend my inheritance.  I did buy the dress I went there to purchase, and an incredible bakelite ring, both of which I wore the next day even though they don't match (which, as you should know, is very unlike me!)

Its hard to see the print from the photo above, but you will see it clearly in the photo of the ring below!

please excuse my terrible nail polish.

Its a CAMEO novelty print!  Not only that - its TEAL and HOT PINK!!!!!  I am now on the hunt for a fabulous pair of cameo earrings to wear with it.  Let me know if you find any.

Oh, and yeah, the bakelite ring... isn't it FABULOUS!!!!!  I put it on my finger when I saw it, and didn't take it off.  Thankfully Paul and Caryn were paying attention or I totally would have forgotten to pay for it!

After mum and I were finished dreaming about what else we'd buy if we had unlimited budgets, we drove into the city of Sydney to have some lunch.  My go-to place is always the sushi train in the David Jones Food Hall.  When we arrived there was no-one seated, so I got to sit on the wall side facing out looking at the amazing produce on display, while my lunch zoomed past on a conveyor belt.

I love a good sushi train!

Mum and I had a fabulous day out.  It was really worth going, and I'm pretty sure I will go back again next year!  Did anyone else go?



  1. What an amazing event - I wish I could see such a fair where I'm living. The temptation to buy everything is certainly huge, but it must be also overwhelming only looking at that great vintage stuff. Love the couch...

    Your dress is outstanding, and the hairstyle you wore with it makes it perfect. Is it a turban?


    1. Hi Doris!

      There was so much fabulous stuff to look at that it was hard to take it all in! And the couch was faaaaaaabulous!

      And my hair in the other photo isn't in a turban. I've wrapped a vintage headscarf around my pincurls. This is what I do when I can't be bothered to do my hair and need to go out in public. I even go to the gym with it like that :)

  2. I love seeing all of those pictures from so far away. My husband and I would have been there, too, if we'd been in that part of the world. Our house is full of Deco furniture and rugs.
    Love that Adrian suit!

    1. A house full of deco furniture and bits is my idea of heaven!