Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pretty in Pink : The Dress is Finished!!!

When I first saw this pattern there were two design details I was really attracted to - the piping on the bodice, and the pocket flaps - a not so elegant sounding name for the pocket details on the skirt.

They were so simple to make, but they really make the skirt!

The skirt was as straightforward to put together as the bodice with similar pleats at the waistband.  I sewed the skirt to the bodice, and bound the seam in some of the bias that I'd made.  With the piping in the seam there really wasn't any other way to keep it from fraying.  While I was at it I bound the hem in bias too (you know how much I love to do that!), and then I put in the size zipper by hand and sewed on some buttons.

Quick note on the zipper - its the first zipper I've put in that is along side a pocket - I'm pretty happy with how it came out!

Oh yeah, and the pockets are made out of the same fabric as the piping and bias!

And it was finished!

That is, I thought it was finished...

When I stood back and looked, I just didn't like the vintage buttons that I used.  Sigh!  Time for plan B.

I headed to Spotlight in search of the perfect buttons (and buttons I could self cover if it came to it), and I came back with these:

As much as I love the vintage buttons, this just wasn't the right project for them.  The Plan B buttons are muuuuuuuch better!  I sewed them on and THEN the dress was finished.

 I always think its amazing just how much difference the right (and the wrong) buttons can make to a finished garment.  I really is worth taking the time to get them just right!



  1. Wow.uhmaaazing.Good button call too :-)

    1. There was a lot of talk about it at the time on my facebook page... it was decided that the clear angular vintage buttons, while fabulous, just weren't for this dress :) It really was worth putting in the effort and changing them :)

  2. Yay! The new buttons are PERFECT!

  3. Wonderful how the dress turned out! I usually don't like pocket flaps on the hips, but these look lovely, and the piping is just the cherry on top!

    1. I think they are a great detail on this dress Doris. I think because its a full skirt they work to emphasis the size of the waist compared to the hips :)

  4. OH MY!! Your blog is amazing, and so is your wardrobe, and your sewing skills! I have so many patterns I have not yet made, but it looks like I need to get this one too! I love details that make something look a little more interesting!

  5. SO pretty!

  6. Bias is REALLLY catching my eye thanks to you prophyte sewist divas. Thank you for this day's eye candy, Beccie! :-)