Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let them eat CAKE!!!!!

Just not these ones...

Cause we know from a previous post that whats inside of them is styrofoam, and the flowers and ribbons are all stuck on with glue.  Might be hard to digest!

Late last week I had to deliver these beauties to the Sherbet Birdie studio in Sydney for their Marie Antoinette themed shoot day, and can I tell you that it was possibly the most nerve-wracking drive of my life!

After I put the cakes in the boot I packed around them with plastic shopping bags (I have about a million of them) to protect them and away from each other, then I closed the lid, crossed my fingers, and drove for two and a half hours, hoping all the time that no-one rear-ended me!

Thankfully all that finger crossing and wishing worked, and they made it there in one piece - phew!

And Sasha and Lucy were waiting very excitedly for me - not because of these cakes... because of these ones

Yes, I also made edible cakes for the lucky ladies who had booked for the Marie Antoinette shoot, and for the three of us!

The chocolate one with the raspberry is a Tim Tam Tart (recipe here) and the other layered one is an Iced Vovo Tart (recipe here).  When the Iced Vovo Tart's were served to the clients, they were topped with whipped cream and shaved coconut - totally decadent!  And they received such rave reviews from everyone that I'm pretty sure I will be providing baked goods for shoot days in the future!

Anyway - back to the story!

As a reward for my efforts (and because I'm awesome) I was the test subject for the shoot.  Lucy practiced on my hair and makeup

And Sasha and I worked on the set, lighting and poses for the girls the next day

The shoot day itself was wonderful, and all the ladies had a fabulous time being pampered, and left looking very glamorous!  Sasha has only released two of the photos so far and I just had to share them with you all because they are just so beautiful!

 The beautiful Liz, channeling Marie Antoinette in the style of those 
gorgeous antique, oval framed, silk portraits

The fabulous Karen posing on a glorious couch amongst the Moet,
roses, feathers and towering cakes

So helping create this magic took up my whole weekend, so there was no sewing... sorry about that!  And my sewing room looks like a bomb exploded in it (again) so that is going to need fixing before I can sew anything.  Sigh!



  1. You look great and the cakes look awesome too!

  2. oooh fun!!! thanks for sharing! your hair looks smashing in that pic!!

  3. How lovely the ladies look! and so glad you got to experience the new look as well.

    1. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos Nessa - and I just loved my hair!!!