Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Well the warming weather in Australia has started people talking about spring cleaning.  And since its just between you and me, I don't mind confessing that keeping things tidy isn't exactly one of my strong points... especially in my sewing room.  It just seems like I can't manage to clean as I go.  I mean, I chuck out snipped threads and unusable pieces of fabric just fine, but any tasks bigger than that seem to escape me.  Pretty much every usuable surface (besides my sewing table) has a pile on it of stuff that really needs to be put away.  But I just can't manage to be motivated to do it.

It looked like this at the start of the year... what a pig sty!  
Mind you, its never gotten that bad again...

Somehow during last week I managed to find some time and some motivation, and I decided to start by sorting out my fabric stash.  I really should have taken a photo as I was going, but I didn't.  I was too focused.

I pulled out all my fabric - the stuff that was put away, the stuff that was still in shopping bags, and the rest that was sitting around in random piles.  And I sorted it all and put it all away!  I was so proud of myself!!

But I did end up with a washing basket full of fabric that I hadn't pre-washed.  Normally I like to put it in the machine when I get it home from the shops (or the post office if its come from far, far away) but some of it never made it.  During the rest of the week and on the weekend I washed a whole heap, and last night I ironed it all while I watched some TV

I'm sure you can imagine this took forever - I think there is about 40 metres here...

And can you see the fabric on the top?  I managed to find some DIVINE border print Christmas fabric - just over 7 metres of it!!!  It was interesting finding somewhere to hang it to dry, and then ironing it...

Thank goodness its narrow - wouldn't like to do this twice over!

And after all that washing and ironing, there is still more to go!


It was also our local Council elections on the weekend, and I had promised a few hours to a friend to hand out 'how to vote' flyers at a polling booth for her and her party.  Funnily enough, my Mum had handed out 'how to vote' flyers for the same party in 1975, and still had her tshirt.  So I washed it and wore it!

Thats Mum on the left with Rashi the afghan, and me on the right

The party is called the Liberal Party - hence why this tshirt is funny.  I really enjoyed wearing it, and telling everyone its connection in my history.  And by wearing something vintage (even 1970's vintage) I felt that I was still being me while representing my friends political party... and it did get attention!

Anyway, in amongst all that I did manage to get some sewing done believe it or not!  But more on that later in the week...



  1. Its so hard to keep on top of all that pre-washing stuff. I usually do the same thing and try to sort it out as soon as I get it home. Doesn't always happen that way though does it ;-P

    That tropical print fabric in your pile looks special. What you got planned for that?

    1. Oh I know - thats why I'm so proud of myself for getting through as much of it as I did on the weekend! And I vow once again to wash everything when I get it home.

      Oooo that tropical print is PRETTY! Parrots and hibiscus on a black background... not really sure yet, but maybe a strapless sarong skirt wiggle dress and matching bolero... how does that sound!

  2. You are just a whole bunch of awesomeness! I wish I could help you tidy up though-its one of my strong points hehe But its all a part of the creative process! Thank you for letting us take a sneak peak into where all the magic happens!! xox