Thursday, March 15, 2012

My new favourite book!

Yesterday I was in Sydney on a mission (thats a post for another day!) and I popped into the T2 Tea shop in Newtown.  I love their tea, and I a few months ago I purchased a gorgeous glass teapot and two tea cups and saucers from them for when I have a friend over.  But the other day I was cleaning up and I dropped one of the cups and it shattered everywhere - boo!  Anyway there was a park on the opposite of the street to the store (in King Street, Newtown... and that NEVER happens) so I popped in to replace my tea cup.

Now the lady who served me was lovely, and very excitedly showed me this book.  She kept telling me how fabulous it was and how much it looked like it was just my thing...

The Vintage Tea Party Book by Agnel Adoree

I got just as excited as she was and bought it without even opening the cover!

When I got home I made myself a cup of tea and flicked through the book, and I must say that I am so inspired I want to hold a vintage tea party as soon as possible!

The book is broken up into four sections; Brunch, Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, and Evening.  Each section contains delicious recipes to make with fabulous photography and styling

How gorgeous does this look!!!  By the way, I'm now looking for Coddlers...

A modern take on cucumber sandwiches!

The book also contains decorating tips and other projects to make, hints on buying vintage clothing, and instructions on how to do your hair and makeup.

But the crowning glory in this book, in my opinion, are the drinks.  Yes - there are recipes to make tea cocktails!

The book is available on Amazon for the amazingly cheap price of US$19.57.  I paid AU$35 for it, but I'm not going to complain - I think the book is WELL WORTH THE PRICE!

So, who wants to come to my vintage tea party???


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