Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What A Difference A Week Makes!!

Last week my sewing room looked like this - a complete PIGSTYE - and I was embarrased about it, but not too embarrased to show the whole world!

Who could work in a mess like this!!!!!

But now after a weekend's hard labour it looks like this!!!

And I'm sure we'd all agree that this is a much better working environment.  It took one whole day - basically I shovelled everything out, and then organised it, chucked out what I didn't need, and put it all back in.  I'm very proud of myself.

I even had room on my vintage trolley for a little wedding reminder - awww.  
That flower thing with the candle is one of the aisle decorations I made!

So now I can get on with some actual SEWING...  HOORAY!!!

For those that don't know, I'm going through a lilac phase at the moment - I'm totally in love with it.  So of course I want to sew myself a lilac dress and maybe a skirt, and then a blouse...

I found myself this fabric:

The fabric at the bottom I'm going to make into a dress (and I'm going to be tricky by combining the bodice from one pattern with the skirt of another).  The middle fabric I'm going to make into a blouse with a pattern I don't have yet... but it looks like this:

I really like the tie front - it will help hide the little pot belly I gained on my honeymoon.
Which reminds me, I really really need to get back to the gym.

And with the top fabric, which is a more pinky lilac than the other fabrics, I'm going to make a pretty skirt!

So much lilac - so little time!

Also, on other exciting sewing news - this pattern arrived in the post!

This purchase was inspired by Peter at Male Pattern Boldness, who recently sewed up a maternity outfit and opera coat for his 'cousin' Cathy.  Peter is hilarious - you can see the photo shoot of the completed outfit here.  Anyway, I loved the opera coat idea for winter and I found this lovely pattern for a house coat, and I just LOVED the back of it.  I'm going to make it up as a house coat in a pretty floral, as well as making it up in a usable wool to wear out and about during winter.  This means I'll probably sew the two at once...  I love new challenges!!!  But I have to find the fabric first...

I'm off to Tasmania tomorrow for a short second honeymoon (I know, I'm totally spoiled) so no sewing this weekend.  But I have made a start cutting out my lilac fabric for the dress and the skirt, so it shouldn't be too long before I can get back in front of the sewing machine!

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