Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frocktober : The Final Week!

Well I have really enjoyed this month of exploring my wardrobe!  I'm actually amazed by how much brain power it took up - I really haven't blogged about anything much at all.  I'm so sorry about that and I assure you that things will be different in November!  I have some wonderful dresses planned - some for me, and some for others - that I'm sure will keep you all entertained!

But lets wrap things up for the last week of Frocktober - and don't forget, you can still donate here.


Today I decided to get out the cherries - cherries in my hair, cherries on my skirt and cherries on my shoes!!!

Top: Alannah Hill cardigan - sadly this style is no longer available
but she has so many other goodies!
Skirt: made by me - you can read about it here
Belt: Came with one of my Pinup Girl Clothing dresses
Hair Cherries: Made by Mira-Mae at Berry Bombshell
Bangles: vintage lucite purchased from Etsy
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Sadly these are also discontinued, but do come up for sale second
hand every now and again, and that's how I got mine.


After yesterday's cherrylicious outfit (that some people mistook for christmas) I decided to go monochromatic!  Well, apart for my hair...

Top: PUG Vamp Top - only available in their store or online
Skirt: PUG Jenny skirt in black and white stripes
purchased at Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: PUG Bettie shoes in black satin
purchased from That Shop
Hair Roses: Miz Smitten Kitten
Bangles: vintage lucite purchased on etsy


I think I saved one of my prettiest dresses for almost last!  I purchased this vintage shirtwaister dress on my LA shopping trip in April.  It was dead-stock with the original tags still attached.  It has the prettiest embroidery on the bodice in green, yellow and coral.  I just adore it!

Dress: Vintage shirtwaister purchased on my LA Trip
Shoes: Adorable wedges purchased in LA in some shop for $10
(and who can say no to a bargain like that!!!!)
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy


The moment you've all been waiting for - the final day!  My aim during the whole month was to raise $1,000 for ovarian cancer research, and to help people part with their hard earned dollars I offered to publicly humiliate myself by wearing a 1950s vintage ball gown to work on the 31st and do everything that I normally do in a day.

And it worked - I met (well, exceeded really) my target, and this is the result:

Here is me, dressed in my vintage 1950s Emma Domb ball gown, complete with petticoats (plural) (one of which is not sitting right hence the fall in the gown at mid-calf) vintage gloves, vintage earrings, and a vintage sequined head piece.

Fitting all of this in the car was quite entertaining...

As you can see, there is no way I could drive in this.  Thankfully, my mum (who has been my photographer alllllll this month) was able to drive me to work.  I sat in her car, we squished all the dress in and I held it while she closed the door.  Then it was off to the post office!

This is quite a narrow space, and I took up all of it.  I offered to let a nice older man out before I came in but he was happy to wait while I got my mail.  And of course I had something to collect, so I had to join the queue inside:

Thank fully the queue (which can sometimes be out the door) moved quickly and I was at the front in no time!

Where the ladies confessed to me that there was no parcel for me to pick-up, they just wanted to make sure that I came in to visit, so they could see my outfit (they all donated you see).  So I folded myself back into the car and it was off to the office.

Where I attempted to do some work for a little while, but then the local newspaper arrived.  They wanted to do an interview and take some photos for an article!  So off I went out into the street with them.

And that's my day so far.  I don't think that will be all that I will get up to in my ball gown today - no doubt there will be more pictures that I will post to my facebook page tomorrow.

I just want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the people who donated to this very worthy cause:

Jeff Garry, Mark Gilmour, Belinda and Adam Scorgie, Craig Anderson, Jenni Porter, Emma @ Miskonduct, Steve and Sandie Reynolds, Pam and Forde Leathley, Amanda Wyeth, Kate Roberts, Jonathan and Karina Scorgie, Nigel, Amanda Naylor, Janis, Jen Lawrence, Shelley Minson, Vaeda, Lucy Topp, Angela Wicentowich, Emma-Jane, Shelly from the Post Office, Cheech Sanchez, Sharon Troy, Tanya Janush, Katie Ferguson, Nick Dowman, Stephanie Graham, Maria O'Sullivan, VickieO, Johanna Taggart, Kim, Doris Button, and Joleen.

All this looking at my wardrobe has raised some questions from you as to how I store everything... so I thought I'd do a post next week about that, and I have a guest post for you all (they approached me!) and then its BACK TO THE SEWING!!!

Thanks for your patience, I really hope you've enjoyed Frocktober.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Frocktober : Week 4 Outfit Round-up

I've been having a great time with Frocktober, I hope you've been enjoying my outfits!  And if you can, I'd love it if you could donate here.  Ovarian cancer research is a very worthy cause.


So I spent last Saturday sewing.  And normally when I sew I wear leggings and a t-shirt, but its Frocktober so I can't do that... so I thought this vintage nightgown and robe would be just as comfy - and it was!

Dress: vintage nylon nightgown and robe set
purchased on Etsy


I went out for cocktails with my husband, so I wasn't going to go in my nightgown!  I thought this was much more appropriate!

Dress: by Gerry Roxbury, purchased from Miskonduct Klothing
Shoes: Glenda heels by TaylorSays


Sundays are going-out-for-breakfast day and this is the delightfully colourful frock I decided to wear!

Dress: Bernie Dexter Kay Dress in Savanna Floral Print
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Bangles: vintage lucite purchased from Etsy


Yep, ended up out for breakfast again!  What a lucky girl!!  And today I decided to get my flamingo on!

Top: Vamp top by Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt: Hell Bunny skirt purchased from That Shop
Belt: Came free with one of my Bernie Dexter dresses
Necklace and Earrings: Custom design by Lucy Luxxe
(and yes, she will make you one too!)
Bag: wicker bag with embroidered and sequined flamingos!
Purchased second-hand online somewhere...
Shoes: Pink satin PUG Bettie Shoes 
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


This dress.  This dress.  THIS DRESS!!!!  Vintage late 1950s dress that has hardly ever been worn and is in immaculate condition.  Sigh!  I paid a fair bit for it but I think its worth every penny.  I just adore it!  Oh, and I realised that I had been doing my hair the same way for 21 days so tried to change it up a bit!

Dress:Vintage late 1950s dress
purchased in the OLL Facebook group
Bangles: vintage lucite and bakelite purchased on Etsy
Hair Flowers: by Miz Smitten Kitten
Earrings: Vintage, purchased in an actual shop!
Shoes: White satin PUG Bettie shoes
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


When this dress was released in Australia people went bonkers for it, and I can see why - its fabulous and colourful and does great things for ones figure!

Dress: Just Desserts dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
Purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Necklace and Earrings: Another divine custom set by Lucy Luxxe
made specifically to match this dress
Shoes: Black satin PUG Bettie shoes
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


This outfit was inspired by a conversation I had on Facebook with a few people in regards to blue and green.  We were discussing the old saying "blue and green must never be seen without a colour in between" and I was saying it was rubbish, and instead should be "blue and green is fit for a queen".  This is my blue and green outfit!

Dress: Vintage 1950s Jerry Gilden dress purchased on Etsy
Hat: Vintage pillbox shaped hat covered in blue flowers
with a green velvet bow on the side, purchased on Etsy
Necklace and Bracelet: purchased from Lovisa
Shoes: Cheapys from Target


It was a bit cooler today, so I felt like being tropical.  And besides, its Friday!!!

Dress: Made by me, not long after I started sewing and blogging
Belt: Came free with one of my Pinup Girl Clothing dresses
Cardigan: Alannah Hill - they make the best cardigans!
Bangles: Vintage Lucite purchased from Etsy
Hair Flower: by Swell Dame on Etsy
Shoes: Red Satin PUG Bettie shoes
purchased from That Shop

Well, believe it or not, I am almost there with Frocktober, just 6 days to go!  I've really enjoyed this and I hope its been interesting to you all too.  I haven't done a normal blog post this week because I've been working my day job like a mad woman.  Hopefully I've have something to report on the sewing front next week, cause I've been madly working my way through some customer commissions!

Have a great weekend!  I'll be in a skirt making frenzy!!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Help! What now??

I'm in a bit of a quandry - what do I sew next?

I have a few things for customers that I need to get done:
  • The giveaway dress for Ina
  • A circle skirt for a customer
  • Two skirts for a girlfriend
  • Not to mention three cardigans!
But I'm dreaming (always dreaming...) of what I'm going to make for myself next, and this is where I need your help.  Can you please help me decide what to make???  The choices are:

The perennial favourite that has been on my list for a while, but hasn't made it to the top - the Cherries 'n' Gingham dress.  The body of the dress will be made up with the seafoam green fabric with cherries and gingham bows, and the shoulders and sleeves will be the red gingham.  And I already have red vintage buttons.

Next choice, Pink Polkadots.  Not that long ago a lovely friend gave me a gorgeous pink and cane hand bag, and its so special that I knew I had to make a sweet dress to go with it!  I'm going to make the version on the right (the solid blue one) and the piping and pocket details will be in the darker pink, and I'll find some dark pink buttons (another trip to the button shop - hooray!)

And the third choice (cause I don't want to make it too hard for you) - the Pink Gloves and Pearls dress.  This fabric is just adorable!  Mrs Doris Button was using it for her Fall for Cotton sew along entry and as soon as I saw her fabric choice I knew I had to have some, and I bought the last of the stock at  The collar and cuff detail shown on the pattern in white, I will do in pink.

I love all of these so much and I just can't pick what to do first!!  So help me by commenting below with your choice:
A - Cherries 'n' Gingham
B - Pink Polkadots
C - Pink Gloves and Pearls



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frocktober : Week 3 Round-up

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far - ovarian cancer research is such a worthy cause, and every little bit counts!  Donate here!!


After such a busy week organising the cocktail party for 100 people, hosting it until 2 in the morning, and then hosting a golf day the next day, I was too tired to even contemplate sewing on Saturday, so instead Stella and I went to watch my husband Steve play cricket.  This means I can sit in a chair and read a book and possibly fall asleep.  I just have to pretend I see it if my husband does anything good!

Dress: Scallop dress in Tea Cup Print by Bernie Dexter
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
(and it comes with the belt)
Bag: Vintage woven straw basket from Retro Station
(thats it on my left - and sorry, no web page for them...)
Bangles: Bakelite from Brighter Bakelite on Etsy
Shoes: Purchased at Macy's on my LA trip


Today was my sister-in-law's 40th birthday party, and it was 37 degrees and blowing a viciously gusty westerly (ie hot like a blow-dryer) wind so I decided the tropical wrap dress I made earlier in the year AND HADN'T WORN ANYWHERE was my best bet at staying cool and not having my skirt blown up around my ears!

Dress: Self-drafted rayon wrap dress - more here
Hair Flowers: by Berry Bombshell 
Bangles: Vintage lucite from Etsy
Shoes: Pink satin PUG Bettie shoes
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
And you can't see it but I also carried...
Bag: PUG Wicker bag in lime green
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


Today was MUCH cooler than yesterday.  THANK GOODNESS!!!!  So I pulled out this dress which I made from a heavy cotton curtain fabric with my favourite flower - hydrangeas!

Dress: Hydrangea dress, made by me
Belt: Vintage belt that matches a vintage dress I own
Shoes: last pair in stock, so total bargain - was $200, paid $40
purchased from Styletread
Also, I wore, but forgot to put on for the photos...
Bangles: lilac bakelite from Brighter Bakelite on Etsy
Bag: PUG wicker bag in lilac
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


This dress, well this style of dress, is my favourite - the Heidi dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.  It just fits so good and is so flattering on my shape.  In fact, I've seen it on a few ladies and it looks good on everyone!  I have 5 of these dresses in different colours and so far this month I've worn three of them (including this one).

Dress: PUG Heidi dress in black pin dot
purchased from That Shop
Brooch: Hand assembled and painted brooch from Erstwilder
(and I'm not sure if you can see, but it looks like Miss Stella!)
Bangles: Vintage ones purchased at thrift stores for cheap!
Bag: PUG wicker bag in black
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: Black satin Bettie shoes by PUG
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


I just love this vintage dress!  It arrived on Monday and I couldn't wait any longer to wear it.  There is SO MUCH SKIRT - over 1.5 circles I think - that it moves beautifully when I walk.  And the print on it is flocked, so its velvet-y.

Dress: Vintage 1950s dress purchased on Etsy
Bangles: Vintage lucite bangles purchased on Etsy
Shoes: White satin Bettie shoes by Pinup Girl Clothing
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


You lovely people have seen this dress before.  I was in a bit of a hurry and it was going to be a hot day so I thought this frock would be perfect.  I didn't count on the gale force winds however....  When I arrived to have my photo taken and my parents house, my brother was on Skype from Canada, so he's in the photo with me too.

Dress: Made by me!
Belt: came with one of my Pinup Girl Clothing dresses
(I love dresses that come with belts - they are always so handy!)
Earrings: reproduction confetti lucite earrings by Lucy Luxxe
Shoes: White satin Bettie shoes by Pinup Girl Clothing
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


Tonight I'm going to watch my step-daughter perform in her school musical, and because I'm going straight from work I needed a dress that would transition easily between day time and night time.  I thought this one would be perfect!

Dress: Vivian dress in Walk in the Park print from Retrospec'd
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased from Etsy
Shoes: Black satin Bettie shoes by Pinup Girl Clothing
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House

Anyway, thats it for another week!  I'm past the half way mark and there is only 13 days to go!!  Don't forget to donate to this amazingly worthy cause here.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frocktober : Week 2 Outfit Round-up

Once again - don't forget to donate here if you like my outfits and want to help me raise money for ovarian cancer research!!!


This is the outfit I made and blogged about here!  And the reason I look a bit dishevelled is it was blowing a gale - funny story.  When the plane arrived in Launceston I remembered that I would have to walk down stairs outside the plane and walk to the terminal.  I realised that it more than likely would be windy (jet engines and all that) so I gathered my carry-on in one hand, and a decent amount of skirt in the other, and stepped out onto the platform... only to have my hair blow straight across my face so I couldn't walk down the stairs because I couldnt see!!!  What a disaster!

Top and Skirt: Made by me!
Cardigan: Vintage, purchased on Etsy
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy


This was the day I attended the Rock & Rodz show in Longford, Tasmania to judge the pinup competition!  And of course I wore my new favourite dress.

Dress: Made by me
 Cardigan: Vintage, purchased on LA trip
Bangles: Bakelite purchased from Brighter Bakelite
Shoes: Plastic flats purchased on honeymoon


After the pinup competition I got on a plane and headed back home, arriving at about 1am.  The next day was a public holiday but due to a huge function later in the week, I needed to go to work to get stuff done.  BUT I had time for breakfast at my favourite cafe first!  The cafe is located in a nursery and the bird next to me - Hector - is the nursery's pet.  He likes to eat grass, say hello, whistle at dogs, and bite fingers.

Top: Made by Mikala Design on Etsy
Skirt: not vintage, but purchased on OLL Facebook group
Belt: purchased from Miskonduct
Shoes: purchased from Macys on LA trip


I was starting to come down with a cold so I thought I'd dress in something springlike to see if I could wish myself into feeling better... it didn't work.

Dress: Bernie Dexter Dress from Ms Katts Kustom House
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy
Bag: Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa


I just love this skirt!  I actually wanted the dress version but I had problems with the fit.  My size 14 boobs and size 10 waist couldn't compromise on a size 12 dress... so I bought the skirt instead!

Top: Vamp top by Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt: Retrospec'd
Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy
Bag: Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: Red Bettie Satin Heels by Pinup Girl Clothing
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House


This was the day of the big function at work, and the weather was forecast to be VERY hot, so I thought this vintage cotton dress would be just perfect whilst I ran around getting all the last minute things done for the party.

Dress: Vintage dress purchased in Canada on my last visit
(how awesome are the pockets and shoulders detail!)
Bangles: Bakelite purchased from Brighter Bakelite
Bag: Pinup Girl Clothing wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Shoes: lilac wedges purchased on the LA Trip


The day after the big party.  I hosted a cocktail party for 100 people and got to bed at 2am.  I spent day eleven hosting a golf day - seeing everyone off at the tee, delivering beer and sandwiches around the course, and cooking the barbeque after the round.  I was very tired and could not be bothered to put on makeup.... please don't think any less of me!

Dress: Cherry Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles: Vintage lucite purchased on Etsy
Necklace: by Collectif, purchased from Oh Lucy!
Shoes: Jelly Shoes by Fiebiger Shoes

I hope you are all enjoying a look in my wardrobe!  I'm enjoying wearing lots of different things that I don't wear much.  Don't forget to donate here!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miss Rock and Rodz 2013 or My Trip to Tasmania!

Before I get in to my weekend away judging a pinup competition, I just want to say a few things.

Thank you to everyone for being patient while I've been unwell.  I've been getting increasingly sick for the last 12 months - migraines every month, foggy thinking, weight gain, exhaustion, etc etc etc.  The GPs I saw insisted that nothing was wrong with me and made me feel like it was all in my head.  Two months ago I got sick of feeling sick and convinced a Doctor to give me a referral to an endocrinologist.  Last month I finally got in to see him.  After a lot of testing I now have my answers. 

My hormone system was a disaster zone.  I was very low in estroegen, progesterone, and DHEA, which is the building block of all hormones (so no wonder I was low in the other two), and very low levels of vitamin D.  I have also been diagnosed with Coeliacs disease.

So I am now on hormone replacement therapy, several supplements, and a gluten free (and dairy free, cause I'm also lactose intolerant) diet.  This has pretty much turned my world upside-down.  And since my diagnosis I have been coming down with everything going around.  I hope that the current head cold will be the last of it (please!)

So thanks for putting up with my all-over-the-place-ness recently.  Things are hopefully looking up for me.

But now on with the fun!

Last weekend I travelled to Longford, Tasmania (another state in Australia to where I live) to judge a pinup competition!  Sew Retro Rose also sponsored the competition, with the winner receiving a $100 gift voucher towards a custom made dress. 

I just love Tassie!  How could you not love places that have fields like this:

And antique shops that looks like this!:

You can just imagine the treasures you'd find here - sadly I couldn't stop...

Anyway - when I arrived I posted on my Facebook page that I'd landed in Launceston, and one of my followers told me that I need to go Nanna's Coffee and Vintage - I asked for the address and headed right there, cause I thought it was just the kind of place I needed to visit.  I wasn't disappointed!

Nanna's was a great and humble cafe filled with gorgeous chrome legged tables and chairs dressed in nanna table cloths.  There was a fun selection of vintage (though nothing for me) and a very friendly host who made me a lovely cup of tea.  I had a lovely relaxing time and then headed off to my accommodation.

And can I say I was in love when I drove into the driveway....

Woolmers Estate is a world heritage listed convict site.  It was continually occupied by the same family from 1817 to 1994 and I think they farmed sheep... Anyway its very old and atmospheric and beautiful.  The cottage we stayed in (I stayed with Ms Katt from Ms Katt's Kustom House who organised the competition) dates back to the 1840s and I just loved it!

This is our cottage - isnt it adorable!

This is my room (after I'd dumped all my stuff...)
Here is part of the garden - its so rustic!

So once we'd move our stuff in we headed to the showground where the Rock and Rodz festival was being held to set up Ms Katt's shop and to meet the entrants for the pinup comp and have a run through.

Can I say that Ms Katt basically moved her whole store in 2 cars.  Seriously, unpacking it was insane - how she got everything packed in there was just beyond me.  I have renamed her car The Tardis.

Here is one quarter of the stuff we set up.

After a fun (and anecdote filled) evening and a good night's sleep it was the day of the show and the day of the pinup comp!

I decided to wear my new favourite dress:

With a cardigan, cause it was cold
And flat shoes, cause I spent all day on my feet... 

This was a fabulous competition that really embodied 'pinup' to me.  Girls of all ages and all sizes pushing their boundaries to get up on stage and strut their stuff.  The outfits and accessories were great, the routines were fun and the props were hilarious, which made it a joy to watch but hard to judge!

I didn't get to take many photos, but here is one of me and another judge, Von.

And here are our winners!  From right to left - Miss Cherry Bomb (winner), Miss Curvy Sue (first runner-up), and Miss Jacqueline Deluxxe (second runner-up)

I must admit that I loved all the ladies, but Miss Cherry Bomb was my favourite!  Her cheesecake routines and fabulous props just gave her the edge.

I had a fabulous weekend and loved meeting new friends, and I felt refreshed heading back to work.  But this last week the business turned 10, so I had to finalise the cocktail party for over 100 guests, and a golf day the following day (both of which I hosted).  That refreshed feeling went out the window pretty quickly I can tell you!


I'm going to try to get back to my regular posting schedule next week and I think I'll get you all to help me decide on my next project!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Frocktober : Week One Outfit Round-up

Frocktober???  Whats Frocktober???

Frocktober is an initiative of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, and it encourages people to get involved by wearing only dresses (and skirts) for the entire month of October and raise money for and awareness of ovarian cancer.

The statistics for this disease are not good.  In Australia, one woman dies every 10 hours from ovarian cancer.  The issue is there is no test for detecting it (a lot of people don't realise that a pap smear does not detect it) so, commonly its only diagnosed in its advanced stages, with only 20-30% of women surviving beyond 5 years.

This fun initiative aims to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, so they can achieve their research goals into this currently not-well-understood disease.  And yes, this is an Australian foundation, but we aren't so mean that we would keep tests and cures to ourselves!

Every little bit counts so I would love it if you could donate here.

I have teamed up with a bunch of other pinups and vintage ladies to raise as much money as possible.  If you have instagram, you can check out our photos by searching #teammskattskustomhouse.  I will be doing a blog post every Friday to highlight my outfits and ask for donations.  If nothing else this is going to be a fabulous opportunity for you all to see the extent of my wardrobe and accessory collection BECAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO WEAR THE SAME THING TWICE!

This may mean that by the end of October I'm wearing some really odd things on weekends, whilst sewing like a mad woman to come up with more dresses and skirts!!!!

So here we go...


I must admit it was really hard to pick what to wear today... I'm not going to be able to wear it again until November.... and this dress is one of my favourites.

Dress : Pinup Girl Clothing Heidi dress in Mint
purchased from Miskonduct
Shoes : Pinup Girl Clothing Bettie shoes
purchased from That Shop
Bag : Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker Baguette bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Bangles : vintage lucite
purchased at various times from Etsy
Necklace : hand made creation by Lucy Luxxe


Today I visited a vintage clothing exhibition - a selection of clothing from the Darnell Collection - focusing on evening wear from the 1920s through to the modern day.  Incredible exhibition and such ahhhhmazing clothes.  I fulfilled a fashion dream by seeing a Dior New Look suit from 1948 in person.  I really wanted to touch it but I was good and didn't...  I think the best thing about this exhbition was that none of the clothing was behind glass, so you could get right up close and see the beading and the fabrics...

I'm thinking I'll go back and have another look - it really deserves a blog post all of its own!

Dress :Vintage 1940s rayon dress
purchased from Ooh La La Vintage Group on Facebook
Shoes : Tony Bianco red suede peep toe heels
purchased in 2011 from Wanted Shoes
Bag : Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Bangles : vintage lucite and bakelite
purchased at various times from Etsy
(Bakelite from Brighter Bakelite)

Bonus photo - me and Charlotte Smith, who owns the collection.  Lucky woman!  I got her to sign my catalogue.


The weather today is not being kind to those of us that are doing Frocktober... its cold, windy and rainy.  So I felt compelled to bring out something more wintery from my wardrobe.

Skirt : Pinup Girl Clothing Doris skirt in a discontinued print
purchased from That Shop
Top : Cardigan embellished with sequins
purchased from Alannah Hill
Shoes : Black patent leather (bargain! $15!)
purchased in 2012 from Target
Bag : Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker Baguette bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Bangles : vintage bakelite
purchased on Etsy from Brighter Bakelite


I am the Lady in Red today!  But what I love most about this outfit are the accessories.  I am wearing shoes with big red shiny lips on them, and I have a bangle with carved red lips too!!!

Dress : Pinup Girl Clothing Heidi dress in Red
purchased from PUG website
Cardigan : Alannah Hill
purchased several years ago, sorry...
Shoes : Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes
purchased from MDreams Perth Store
Bag : Pinup Girl Clothing Wicker bag
purchased from Ms Katts Kustom House
Bangles : vintage lucite, Bakelite and fakelite
purchased at various times from Etsy

I hope you are liking my daily outfits so far!  Next week there will be seven different outfits!!!

Don't forget to donate to this good and worthy cause.